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Indie Talk Podcast Spotlights RonKat Spearman, Grammy-Recipient Artist and Producer

Austin, Texas - Indie Talk Podcast is excited to feature RonKat Spearman, a prolific songwriter, Grammy-recipient artist, and producer, on its upcoming episode. Available on 15 digital outlets, the podcast shines a light on emerging independent artists and offers listeners an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their music. RonKat's latest single, "Love Safe," will be showcased during the episode.

With a musical career spanning decades, RonKat Spearman has collaborated with renowned artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Toni Braxton, Prince, and Kanye West. As a multi-instrumentalist, he plays guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, drums, harmonica, and provides lead and backup vocals. RonKat's talent and versatility have contributed to his success as a songwriter, artist, and producer.

In addition to his collaborations, RonKat has led popular bands in Los Angeles and performed with Rick James as a featured musician and vocalist. He later joined Parliament Funkadelic, touring the world for ten years. RonKat's side project, KATDELIC, has also achieved acclaim, winning the Best of the Bay award twice.

Listeners can discover RonKat Spearman's music, including his latest single "Love Safe," on Indie Talk Podcast, available on 15 digital outlets. His captivating music videos can be found on his official YouTube channel, and for more information and access to all his content, visit RonKat's website at Listen to the podcast:

"I love to write, whether it's solo or collaborating with some of the world's greatest recording artists," said RonKat when asked about his creative process.

His passion for performing at festivals and fairs was evident, stemming from his experiences with Parliament Funkadelic and Katdelic.

About Indie Talk Podcast: Indie Talk Podcast is dedicated to promoting emerging independent artists and their music. With engaging interviews and behind-the-scenes insights, the podcast connects artists with a broader audience. Available on 15 digital outlets, Indie Talk Podcast fosters a vibrant community of music lovers and passionate artists.



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