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Indie Talk Podcasts Announces, "All You Need Is Love" (Part I)


Indie Talk Podcasts Announces "All You Need Is Love": A Global Celebration of Love Through Independent Music

[Austin, Texas] - Indie Talk Podcasts, the premier platform dedicated to showcasing emerging independent artists from around the globe, is thrilled to announce the release of "All You Need Is Love." This special episode celebrates the universal theme of love through a diverse collection of love songs spanning various genres, all performed by independent musicians.

Indie Talk Podcast has long been committed to promoting independent artists, providing listeners with a gateway to discover exceptional music that often goes overlooked by mainstream channels. "All You Need Is Love" continues this mission by curating a captivating selection of love songs from talented independent artists worldwide.


Indie Talk's "All You Need Is Love" Artist Lineup [Part I] Faithless Town

Jennifer Porter

Benno Hudson

Hannah Lou Woods

Eleanor Henderson

Gigi Love


Katie Ainge

Todd Barrow

James Blair

Mick J. Clark

Melvin Fromm Jr

Lewis Papier (aka Turfseer)

Aditi Sri


Suzanne's Band

Marcus Hernandez & Orchestra Fuego

Peter Frank Santovito

Darla Z

Mick J. Clark

Linda Cullum




About Indie Talk Podcasts: Indie Talk Podcasts shines a light on emerging independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help listeners discover great music that they won't find on mainstream radio. With a rapidly growing audience and distribution across multiple podcast channels, Indie Talk Podcasts is a leading platform for independent music discovery. Indie Talk Podcasts has rapidly grown its audience, boasting nearly 10,000 downloads and listeners in over 125 cities worldwide. The podcast is distributed across 15 popular podcast channels, ensuring accessibility for music enthusiasts everywhere. The "All You Need Is Love" series is sponsored by BWH Studio, a leading supporter of independent artists, and hosted by Bryon William Harris, a passionate advocate for emerging talent. Fans can tune in to "All You Need Is Love" Part I and explore the rich tapestry of independent music by visiting



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