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International Violin Master Bernadett Nyari Champions Women In Single & Video - "Palladio"

Palladio, a new single and music video by Bernadett Nyari, depicts the struggles of a female artist to be self-reliant (Hollywood, Florida) June 28, 2022

"Palladio" is an up-and-coming song and music video performed by world-renowned violinist, Bernadett Nyari. The song was written by Karl Jenkins and arranged by Bernadett Nyari and Producer Norbert Csicsak. The music depicts the struggles of a female artist to be self-reliant in the music industry which has been notoriously dominated by male performers for many years.

According to the Recording Academy, less than a quarter of the artists on the charts last year were women. Over the past ten years, that number has been stagnant at 21%. And, over the past decade, women only make up 12.7% of songwriters. Bernadett Nyari's "Palladio" makes a powerful statement showing a woman taking center stage and claiming her worth as an artist.

The word "Palladio" comes from a Latin expression that means to safeguard or protect. At the beginning of the video, a curtain expands to reveal a woman holding a violin by her side. Viewers see her in the background as male performers take the spotlight by playing upfront, rushing the stage, and dancing with violins. Are the men protecting her or are they taking the stage away from her? Ultimately, this question is answered as she comes into her own light to claim her own space. At the end, she stands alone on the stage and the curtain retracts. The video is a work of art that was directed by Director, Aleksandar Korom and Producer Aleksandra Svonja.

Aleksandar Korom and Tanja Bogdanic (editor) were the camera directors and the production was by Classica Nova. "Palladio" is being released in advance of Bernadett Nyaris' anticipated album "The World On My Strings."

"Palladio" is scheduled for release on July 15th with a pre-release on July 8th in advance of Nyari's anticipated album, The World on My Strings, which will feature songs from the US, Croatia, Hungary, England, Italy, Hungary, Israel, Canada, and more.


About Bernadett Nyari

Bernadett Nyari hails from Budapest, Hungary and was born into a musician family. Her maternal grandfather was József B. Suha, one of Hungary's greatest violinists. He was also a composer and his compositions are played worldwide to this day.

Bernadett began learning to play the violin at age 6, but only decided to dedicate her life to music following a concert tour in Italy when she was 13. From the age of 18, she continued her studies at the Music Academy in Graz, Austria, and became the student of Professor Silvia Marcovici, an outstanding world-renowned violin soloist. She originally studied classical music, but since her dream was to bring joy to all kinds of audiences with her favorite musical genres, she perfected numerous styles of music on her violin in the most varied ways.

Bernadett has become a global traveler entertaining audiences by performing in many countries around the world. She has performed more than in 90 countries, and 150 cities. Her powerful stage presence is underlined by a captivating elegance. To listen to her play is to feel her passion. Her performances offer an incredible array of musical styles, showing the endless possibilities playing the violin. It is a true variety selection... classical, folk, film music, musicals, jazz, country... all played in her personal style with her own arrangements. ​ In 2018 Bernadett was listed as one of the most successful people of Hungary.

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