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Introducing Parmy Dhillon And His New EP- 'Mind Out Of Time: Volume 1'

Artist and Songwriter Parmy Dhillon Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to the Alt-Folk Genre (Melbourne, Australia)

Artist and songwriter Parmy Dhillon is bringing a breath of fresh air to the alt-folk genre. With a songwriting style that is laced with personality and authenticity, Dhillon brings a lot of character to the table. Mind Out of Time: Volume 1 comes from a very personal place, and the artist himself admitted how this was one of the most introspective projects he’s ever released. The EP showcases the perfect example of what it means to release an excellent indie folk project in 2020.

Track List

  1. Rain

  2. Time

  3. Cruel Summer

  4. Burn

  5. Friend or Foe

"An absolutely essential listen"- Tuned Magazine
"There are many factors that separate Parmy Dhillon, that make him truly a unique find"- Adam Jones, Music Farmer5

About Parmy Dhillon Parmy Dhillon is a genuine character. The Melbourne singer-songwriter delivers powerful music that deals in raw, honest emotion. Heartfelt and real, the singer's voice is perfectly espoused to each song's narrative – conjuring classic undertones of the great social commentator songwriters, like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.

While too alternative to be on the radar of commercial radio, Parmy Dhillon has the potential to appeal to music lovers anywhere in the world. An expressive, often biographical songwriter, his lyrics reflect his struggles in life.

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