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Is Marina Matiss The Devil? Mattis Release New Single - 'More Than Heaven'

Marina Matiss' New Single, "More Than Heaven", Touches On Motives Found In The Temptation of Christ


After two months in the making, multilingual singer-songwriter Marina Matiss has released “More Than Heaven” (June 19). This is the third single released to her international fans following her songs “Phoboslight” and “The Choice.”

“I don’t believe in tailoring your musical art to the market that you chose, but in the contrary: make your art the best way possible for those who can appreciate it, otherwise you are wasting your talent.” - Marina Matiss

"More Than Heaven" was a collaboration with Arthur Pingrey, producer of Sting and Sia. The songs stays true to Matiss' cinematic, independent style that resonates with works of Lana del Rey and Lorde. Matiss is already working on her next collaboration with Pingrey titled “El Perdón” (The forgiveness) that will be released in Spanish. On her first time working with Pingrey, Mattis' says:

“Arthur is amazing and has been extremely helpful in finding what I was looking for: an exact feeling. We really wanted the song to sound cinematic and indie, not commercial, not too polished, ambient - something that can bring you to another dimension when you listen to it. So, we experimented a lot and I am proud to show the result today.”

The lyrics of “More than heaven” are influenced by the Temptation of Christ; there are a number of hints and indicators implying the song is being sang by a devil seducing a man. Matiss replies:

“I am not the devil. But generally, I found that the creation of music has an almost mystical side to it that I don’t fully control. This song simply came to me when I was walking on the beach: the bridge started playing in my head and the line “we could have more than heaven” gave birth to the song. Only after the lyrics were finished, I realized that one of its’ many possible readings could be through the Gospels.”

About Marina Matiss

Marina Matiss is a multilingual singer and songwriter who writes songs mostly in English and Spanish. She started piano at the age of 5 and also plays a little guitar. Matiss always knew she wanted to be a singer; at age 4 she remembers grabbing a comb and jumping on the bed, imagining there were millions of people watching.

Matiss studied linguistics and received a MBA degree, but it was something she never really wanted. She comes from a musical family: her mother is a music teacher who disapproved of her daughter’s interest to dedicate her life to the stage.

“My parents always wanted me to get a regular job, as it is very difficult to make a living with music as an artist, unless you become big. But I can of course understand her, she always wanted to protect me. Even though it wasn’t really making me happy”. - Matiss

One day, Marina went to the cinema and watched "Bohemian Rhapsody" which strongly influenced her. She immediately started looking for a piano to purchase in Barcelona, where she lived at the time. The piano she liked cost around 1000 euros, and she couldn’t afford it. Somehow the Universe heard her wish, and the money unexpectedly came in the next day.

With her piano, she started recording songs, working with garage band, looking for professional studios and collaborations. Within a very short time, Matiss has already attracted top-notch producers and has worked with David Palau (Bon Jovi, Toto, Alejandro Sanz) and Arthur Pingrey (Sting, Sia). Today, she is working on an album.

“You'd be surprised about how much you can do if only you start doing it.”

Connect with Mattis on Instagram. Listen on Spotify.

For more information, please visit Marina Matiss' website.



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