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Jamsallskapet Releases Jazz and Rock Influenced Debut - EP1

January 15, 2019 (Linköping, Sweden) Jamsallskapet met through jam sessions. The name Jamsallskapet translates to "The Jam Assembly in English. The band is: Emma Järnvall - Lead Vocals; Emil Björck - Keyboards, Rhytm Guitar, Vocals, Kazoo; Niklas Mattson - Lead Guitar, Vocals; Mehrdad Shirnazar - Bass, and Ludvig Eriksson - Drums.

Jamsällskapet announced their highly anticipated first studio album EP1 on the 6th of July, prior to commencing their summer tour in Sweden. The 5 track EP is available on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and Soundcloud. EP1 was a collaboration of the whole band, produced by Niklas Mattson and Emil Björck and mixing and mastering done by Emil Björck.

Lead singer, Emma Järnvall, writes most of the lyrics and is influenced by the legendary Monica Zetterlund's connection with her audience. Jamsallskapet delivers their own Swedish lyrics in a psychedelic pop/rock kind of vibe. Lyrically the songs off their new EP are mainly influenced by transitions in life, perspectives and mindsets. The EP combines 4 different genres - Jazz, blues, rock and pop - yielding four very unique songs. Fans who appreciate old-school influences, especially an early 70's retro vibe inspire by Frank Zappa, Monica Zetterlund's or early Tame impala albums will appreciate the album.

Please check out Jamsallskapet's EP on Spotify or iTunes.

You can connect with the band on social media @jamsallskapet


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