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Jay Elle Releases New EP - 'Ease Up'

In His New EP, Jay Elle Invites Everyone to 'Ease Up' and Take a Holiday

September 22, 2019 (New York, NY)

Based in New York City, Jay Elle is an Americana and Country-Pop singer, songwriter and guitarist. On his latest EP, 'Ease Up', he invites everybody to take a break from the world's craziness, at least for a while, by listening to songs that radiate a positive attitude towards life.

About 'Ease UP'

'Ease Up' contains six tracks that present good vibes through music and lyrics that depict positive events that Jay Elle has experienced or witnessed. He invites everyone to "take things easy and take a break."

1. Ease Up (Into Love)

2. Take a Holiday

3. Needs Fixing

4. By The Blade

5. Never Dreamed ( I Could Be The One)

6. Sickly Sweet

With plenty of songs to help you feel optimistic about the future, the leading track titled 'Ease Up (Into Love),' is a gentle reminder to have faith that good things will happen for all of us in time.

"We might be getting used to immediate gratification and everything delivered to our doorsteps on the day we order it. It's great. Don't take me wrong. But, some things can take a little longer to come our way. Especially, when it involves people and love, true love." - Jay Elle

The song "Take a Holiday" invites listeners to take a break from the experiences that weigh us down. This may include stress at work or in our daily lives, heavy responsibilities, and world news - our reactions may effect our mood and the people around us. On "Take A Holiday,"slide guitar is used to express the laid back feeling felt in the song's lyrics. Stating that slide guitar is rare nowadays, Jay Elle was influenced by the great blues guitarists who used slide in the past. It gives the song it's "cool, take it easy" vibe. The self-produced ‘Ease Up’ was mixed and mastered by Brent Kolatalo (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Lorde) and features a collection of groovy, uplifting, guitar driven songs.

“I want to share optimistic and positive messages that focus on looking forward and moving on from imperfect situations. I’m optimistic about the future and I want to share that viewpoint.” - Jay Elle

About Jay Elle Jay Elle is a singer, songwriter and guitar player currently residing in New York City. His music encompasses elements of pop, country-pop, Americana, and singer-songwriter genres.

Growing up, music was central to Jay Elle's life. Early on, Jay Elle was introduced to a few guitar chords by a musical cousin and later his Aunt bought him a guitar of his own. His love for music eventually led to enrollment at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, where Jay Elle studied theory, composition, classical guitar, and singing. After studying classical music, he followed his heart, which was more attuned to popular music. He soon joined a band and was quickly immersed in blues, rock, jazz and pop. His passion for blues, jazz, and pop led Jay Elle to relocate to the country where it all began, the United States.

Living in New York City opened up a lot of musical opportunities. After meeting singer/songwriter/producer Margaret Dorn (Boz Scaggs, Judy Collins, Rosanne Cash), Jay Elle was soon playing guitar on her albums and co-writing songs with her. Jay Elle also worked closely with entrepreneur Bill Aucoin, best known for managing Kiss and Billy Idol. In New York, Jay Elle formed a jazz ensemble with composer/guitarist Byron Estep, who is perhaps best known as the executive director of Blue Man Group. Jay Elle’s time in NYC also lead to working with John Dubs (Front 242), who was instrumental in honing his production chops.

Although Jay Elle has been fortunate enough to work and learn from some important musical talents since landing in NYC, his focus, drive and passion has been creating and performing his own songs. In 2017, he released his first EP of original music, the critically-acclaimed Rising Tide, produced by veteran engineer Warren Schatz (Evelyn “Champagne” King, KC & The Sunshine Band, Vicki Sue Robinson). Connect with Jay Elle

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