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Jayde Releases Debut EP - 'Holographic'

FOR IMMEIDATE RELEASE November 1, 2018 - Phoenix, Arizona

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, 26 year old Danny Chavez aka Jayde announces the release of his debut EP, 'Holographic.' The EP features two indie rock singles Run N' Hide and Transparent. Jayde began playing music at a very young age learning the guitar and other instruments. All of the instruments on 'Holographic' are performed by Jayde who enjoys being part of the creative input from beginning to end. In his early music career, Jayde played in a band, touring the local Hardcore scene, and established himself as a serious musician, singer and song-writer. The influences during that time included pop punk bands such as New Found glory and Blink 182. He credits those bands with shaping his writing style today. Later, he gravitated towards bands like Turnover, Boy Pablo, and Mac demarco which catapulted him into the Indie Rock realm. Jayde continues to write new music and evolve withe very release. His latest release presents great Indie Rock for the masses. Jayde has also released a compelling video for the single "Transparent".


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