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Jaye Wood Heats Up Valentines Day With A Sexy New Single - 'Outta Time'

R & B Crooner, Jaye Wood, Delivers "Outta Time", the Newest Single From His Second Project 'Intermission,' Just in Time for Valentine's Day.

(Upper Marlboro, MD, February 14, 2020)

About "Outta Time" "Outta Time" by Jaye Wood delivers what R&B has been missing, and once you hear the song - you will remember the magic of R &B again.

Let's face it, R& B fans love new music but, truth be told, R&B just hasn't been the same.

"With today's new music, it seems that the focus is on yearning for loyalty and love, but the songs lack genuine substance and reciprocity. " - Jaye Wood

With this lack of real connection in R&B music, there's a barrier within ourselves that doesn't allow us to fully receive and experience the song's overall message. Somehow, entitlement has taken over and what we hear in today's R&B music is less open and less giving.

To create great R&B, there has to be a wiliness to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is key to an artist's authenticity. With a remedy for this emotional disconnect in R & B, Jaye Wood's lack of fear, and a confidence for genuine expression and emotion, takes center stage in his new single, "Outta Time."

"I wanna know just how ya feeling / Cuz it's ya love keeps me breathing / And if it's true what ya saying / I need to know ya feel the same babe." - Lyrics, "Outta Time" by Jaye Wood

The wait for real R&B is finally over! Because if what you have been missing in your music and your life is true emotions sung over a tight beat, then Jaye Wood is the artist you need to get to know. Whether it's a sexy ballad, an uptempo party song, or just pure emotion - Jaye Wood isn't afraid to go there.

If you are feeling that you deserve all that R&B has to offer, please visit Jaye Wood's social media sites for information on his new release and access to his early works. Jaye Wood is truly the newest favorite R&B star you probably haven't heard of ye, but will soon.

For more information, visit Jaye Wood's website.

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About Jaye Wood

D.C., Maryland (DMV) native Jaye Wood is the newest R&B sensation who is about to top your playlist. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to the limelight. His career spans Broadway, television, and the stage. His journey started in the entertainment industry as a successful child actor (credited as  D. Jamaar). His most acclaimed roles were Young Simba in Disney's theatrical play The Lion King which premiered on Broadway, Young Wesley in Preaching to The Choir, and his appearance on The Dave Chappelle Show.

Jaye Wood gets his musical influence from the 90’s R&B era; it is very clear, as soon as you hear Jaye's smooth vocals, that he is the real deal.  From his incredible falsetto to his to his rhythmic runs Jaye Wood is the voice, the songwriter, and the performer that R&B has been waiting for.



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