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JB Damesenga Releases New Single - 'Hope'

"Hope" is a new single from J.B. Damesenjah's "It Is Finished" album (Raeford, NC)

JB Damesenga's song "Hope" featuring Serenity Beat, produced by Unbeats, is for anyone who feels hopeless. Even in a troubled world, JB proclaims that you can always have an optimistic state of mind knowing you are redeemed by the love of the Savior.

"He loved the whole world from pews to block".

"It is Finished" combines hard knock beats and great melodies that will keep your head bobbing to memorable tunes that you will want to sing along to. While blessing your heart with the knowledge of the finished work of Jesus Christ, listeners will be taken on a journey of music and faith.

Tracks from "It Is Finished"

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About JB Damesenga

JB Damesenga is a Christian hip hop artist, public speaker, and motivational mentor. Shining Gods light in a dark place, JB aims to change the world one person at a time. JB s known for his hard street lyrics melodic vocal presentation and versatile skill that's been lacking in HipHop for some time.

JB Damesenga has been redeemed by Christ and the gift that God gave him only continues to increase as he shares His love and message. JB has a poignant message for the world to hear, and it's much needed during these uncertain times.



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