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Jesse & The Hogg Brothers Release New Christmas Song - 'Santa's Got A Bag Of Coal'

(Boston, MA)

The First Family of Texas CowPunk Have Some Less Than Christmas Cheer For Ex-friends!

About 'Santa's Got A Bag Of Coal'

Do you have a friend who, for some reason, either let you down or just lacked consideration for you? If you do, then Jesse Braintree and Kash Hogg have the perfect song for you! And, if you can wait until January, it will be the Christmas song on their upcoming LP, Jesse & The Hogg Brothers Get Hammered.

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers Get Hammered is the band's long-awaited full album and their first vinyl release. Their last full studio album was in 2009. From 2009 - present, the band focused mainly on EP's, singles, and live album recordings or as Pappy Hogg says "It's time; we have been recording since 2014."

"Santa's Got A Bag Of Coal" marks the first recorded and released song written by Kash Hogg (the band's youngest member) who composed the music.

"Santa's Got A Bag Of Coal" is in rotation on National Indie Radio (WNIR) from December 1st through December 31st as part of BWH Music Group’s Holiday Radio Special. WNIR features the best independent artists in the world and is part of the highly selective and nationally renowned BWH Music Group platform. The Holiday Radio Special will feature original holiday songs as well as covers by exceptional independent artists. Station information can be found at National Indie Radio’s website.


About Jesse & The Hogg Brothers

“Everything you really need to know about Jesse & the Hogg Brothers can be found in songs such as "White Trash Meth Lab" and "Are You Available for Datin'." This is a band with a wicked sense of humor and absolutely no fear. More importantly, this is a tight group of musicians, attacking bluegrass and Southern rock sounds with both a ferocious irreverence and a deep respect for musicality. The combination is both oddly charming and outrageously funny. " -Victor D Infante, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Jesse and his cousin Neil Hogg wrote a bunch of songs together when they were growing up in Bosque County TX. When Jesse was 16, he moved up north with his mom while Neil stayed in Texas. Jesse eventually teamed up with cousin Buzz Hogg, playing all over New England as a country cover band.

“Jesse & The Hogg Brothers” played every country bar they could. The band even played The Woodstock Fair and they were so good, they were asked back. Their live performances attracted attention, and the band added this guy named Dirk, a talented guitarist/vocalist, who had a 2-man act that ended. He and Buzz left the band 6 months later to do the same.

So Jesse had to call Pappy Hogg and his 3rd wife Cathy-Sue, along with Robert T Hogg and Kenny-Joe Hogg ( who recruited Pablo Hogg to play drums), and they all performed at the Woodstock Fair as Jesse & The Hogg Family. After 5 months passed, Buzz rejoined the band. The Hogg Family played together until 1999 when Jesse decided to call it quits.

Meanwhile, Neil Hogg was in TX playing in a lot of different bands until one day in 2005, he picked up the phone and called Jesse. During that call, they caught up and Neil invited Jesse to come home and record the songs they wrote as kids back in Texas. Needless to say, the answer was yes. In 2008, they recorded those songs and many more resulting in the CD’s “White Trash Meth Lab” and “Working For Yankee Money” and by 2009 they were performing extensively.

During this time, there was no band to support a live show, but shortly after the second release ( when both CDs were out), Neil recruited some family musicians and the band debuted at a Jazz club in Dallas?? It seems not so strange today. Anyway, the next show was at the historic bar in Shirley, MA. The Bull Run. Jesse reunited with Buzz and up from TX came Kenny Hogg, Neil Hogg, Junior Hogg, Hirohito Hogg, and Bobby Hogg and they played a sold-out show.

With Neil in Texas, and Jesse in New England, they continued with Jesse visiting TX to write new music. Jesse and Buzz along with Merle, Jolene, Buford, Abner, and Stevie Joe Hogg became the band that supported the CD's. As time went on members came and went - Roadkill, Capt Pigheart, T-Bone, even Pappy Hogg played with the band.

Things changed dramatically in August of 2013 when Lisa Mari showed up in Boston. She got a hold of Jesse’s saliva, on one of his visits to Neil’s place in TX; she swabbed it, tested it, and it confirmed it - Jesse was her father. Good Grief! This broke Neil’s heart. Lisa Mari’s mom (Jesse’s first wife who left him for Neil) must have been cheating while she was still with Jesse, Neil assumed. Jesse's acceptance drove a stake into the relationship between him and Neil.

Neil formed Kenny & Neil with cousin Kenny Hogg. Jesse also continued playing, but added Lisa Mari on vocals to the mix. The band started touring from Las Vegas to Wisconsin. They released a Christmas single “Don’t Mess With Christmas” and then an EP “Rusty Loved Christmas” which featured the video/single “Party In My Pants.”

In 2018 the single/video “Hogg Tail Twist” got a good deal of attention. Their next single/video “Wife Swapping Party” garnished over 21,000 views on YouTube. April 30th, 2019 the band released the new CD “Live In Harlem” capturing a live performance at Shrine World Music Venue.

The band is releasing it's first Spanish project in early 2020. Kenny Hogg says "I'm the only one who speaks Spanish in the band and the only person excluded from singing. Jesse hired translators who joined him in the studio. It took him an average of an hour per song minute for him to get it right"

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers will commence their 2020 live shows in Las Vegas on February 20th @ The Double Down Saloon. Currently, they have a Holiday single from the upcoming LP - Jesse & The Hogg Brothers Get Hammered. The band will be featured in the 2020 Genoveva Rossi film - Attack Of The Killer Chickens! What’s next???

For more information on Jess & The Hogg Brothers, please visit their website.


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