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John McKivergan Amplifies Unity and Compassion with Powerful Single 'Why Can't You See'

"Why Can't You See" Is A Thought-Provoking Song to Bridge Divides and Foster Understanding

Hudson, NH, US - May 11, 2023 - John McKivergan, a Christian songwriter and musician, has unveiled his latest single, 'Why Can't You See,' a poignant and captivating composition that delves into the complexities surrounding the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. This remarkable track is more than just music; it serves as a catalyst for open dialogue and mutual respect, urging individuals from all perspectives to truly listen to one another.

In an era marked by divisive debates, John McKivergan aims to ignite a spark of empathy and unity with '"Why Can't You See." Rather than taking sides or offering a solution, this powerful song invites listeners to engage in meaningful conversations, guided by love and understanding. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of the Bible, which emphasize compassion towards others, McKivergan calls for a respectful exchange of ideas on the divisive issue at hand.

'Why Can't You See' resounds with John McKivergan's heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, seamlessly merging his profound message with unforgettable music. The chorus, "Why can't you see," reverberates as a plea for empathy and comprehension, capturing the essence of his vision for harmonious coexistence and compassion.

With 'Why Can't You See,' John McKivergan teams up with renowned composer Kevin O'Shaughnessy and accomplished producers Kevin O'Shaughnessy and Trystan Matthews to deliver an exceptional musical experience. Their combined talent and creative synergy shine through in every note, evoking emotions and provoking thoughtful introspection.

Listeners can enjoy John McKivergan's powerful and evocative music on various platforms, including: Reverbnation ( Spotify ( Through his impactful songwriting, McKivergan continues to touch hearts, encouraging unity and understanding in a world often divided.


About John McKivergan: John McKivergan is an esteemed songwriter known for his Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music. Collaborating with talented musicians, vocalists, and producers, John brings his heartfelt and faith-filled lyrics to life. His compositions are published and distributed on various music platforms, internet radio, and social media.


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