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Joseph Milauskas Releases Summer EP - 'Sunset Paradise'

Joseph Milauskas's EP "Sunset Paradise" Delivers On The Summer Vibes

(Queens, New York)

Joseph Milauskas drew inspiration from late nights with friends, trips to Los Angeles, and the overall feeling of summertime on his new EP, Sunset Paradise. He felt the project's vision come together, then spent the last couple of months honing in on the EP's identity and the track's intentional order.


  1. Getaway

  2. Sunshine

  3. Legacy

  4. Paradise

  5. Going Down

  6. One Way

  7. Narcotix

  8. Back to Basics

"You know when its good because it goes so fast. I guess everybody’s looking for a high that lasts." - Joseph Milauskas

"Sunset Paradise" is an EP that fans can jam to with their friends on any occassion. Milauskas is an artist known for his mellow and dramatic work so this upbeat EP is a break from his comfort zone. The overall process was a challenge, but the end result is something the artist can be proud of. Milauskas wrote, produced, mixed and mastered the EP.

About Joseph Milauskas

Joseph Milauskas is from the small town of Middle Village, Queens, New York. He grew up listening to music and began writing songs at the early age of eight years old and was composing his own melodies after high school. Attending an all boy's seminary for his high school, the experience would give him an appreciation for the simplicity of music. He briefly attended Queens-borough Community College, but left after a year and would go on to work multiple jobs while making music on the side.

All of his songs were written from personal experiences and he has songwriting is an expressive outlet for his life journey. He began releasing singles starting with "Fire" in November 2019 which would eventually ramp up to his debut full length album Heavy Heart in 2020 which was his his entry and foray into the more mainstream independent artist scene. Two months later, being inspired from trips around the United States, primarily a brief trip to Los Angeles, he recorded and released a follow up EP titled Sunset Paradise in June 2020 containing the hit single "Getaway."

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Robin Hamm
Robin Hamm
Oct 25, 2022

Stolen music! More White privilege thieving off IBPoC folk’s labor. #Boycott

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