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Julia Messenger Releases Two Stunning New Singles - 'Fly Bird' and 'And We Danced'

‘Fly Bird’ is the first single from Julia Messenger’s upcoming Album ‘And We Danced’. This song is a dreamy pop ballad that artfully uplifts whilst at the same time magnifies the sadness of a breakup. 'And We Danced' is the second single from the soon-to-be-released album of the same title.

'And We Danced' is the second single from the soon to be released album of the same title. "'And We Danced' rides a throbbing bassline into a keenly poetic examination of shattered relationships. Messenger's music entices with addictive allure" - Paul Freedman

“Fly Bird” is an artfully produced ballad with an expressive chorus hook by Australian musician JuliaMessenger. After a hypnotic and driving start, the vocals of Messenger promise to take you on a journey of respectfully letting go of a loved one. The essence of ‘Fly Bird’ consoles those going through a difficult and sad breakup, whilst taking you on a musical journey that uplifts the spirit and suggests a way of turning the experience into something positive. Along with the brilliance of a tight rhythm section and lush acoustic instruments, the song takes the listener on a journey that whilst melancholic, also uplifts. The chorus “Fly bird away from the living” are lyrics that are sung with hope and hold the potential to ease the pain of the listener experiencing the loss of romantic love. The fresh and clean sounds of hypnotic guitar and lush Rhodes seem to float on the backbone of a tight rhythm section. This well-written and produced song is beautifully arranged and showcases Messenger as the real deal. ‘Fly Bird’ is the first single from Messenger’s upcoming Album ‘And We Danced’.

‘And We Danced’ is the second-awaited single after ‘Fly Bird’ from JuliaMessenger’s upcoming EP ‘And We Danced’. Written on tour, Messenger came up with the bassline on an old guitar, and the song was “an easily written one” she says. “I was in a relationship at the time where I was being gaslighted, and I was anticipating an end that I felt was inevitable…” With a feel-good thumping folk-pop beat centered around a superb hypnotic bassline, the sultry vocals that Messenger is known for float soothingly and hauntingly over the top. Thoughtfully placed percussive elements help create a sense of space giving this production an essence unto itself. The chorus “And We Danced” expands with exquisite vocal harmonies and the bridge releases with a soaring electric guitar, yet perfectly understated - played by Dominic Decker. The masterful and commanding tone of Messenger’s voice weaves the listener both melodically and reflectively through a sophisticated journey of grappling with the need to let go of love. Where we once were “a picture of all innocence, look at us now”…

ON BOTH SONGS: Christian Decker (bass) and Felix Wolter (perc/drums)

“JuliaMessenger is widely considered to be one of the most inspiring musicians to ever come out of the studios of Australia!” Elusive disc, EUROPE


About Julia Messenger

Julia Messenger’s exquisite vocal technique and unique ability to get to the heart of a song have earned her rave reviews around the world. This versatile singer-songwriter, with a magnetic stage presence and voice expressing an incredible range of tone, mood, and emotion, has a busy career both in Australia and abroad. Dubbed a 'world-class' singer by fans and press alike, her songs and productions have appeared on albums alongside names such as Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Moby, Bebel Gilberto, Boozoo Bajou, Nitin Sawhney, Groove Armada, Ursula Rucker, Goldfrapp, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Zero 7, Rae & Christian, Basement Jaxx, Jamie Callum, Sarah McLachlan, and Julee Cruise.

As a songwriter/singer and producer she has co-written and appeared on albums with legendary musicians of our time such as Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream/ Alphaville), Ferry Corsten (#5 DJ in the world today), Kraftwerk and the list goes on. Her voice also sparked the interest of ‘Kraftwerk’s’ Henning Schmitz. One of their collaborations ‘Look Up Look Down’ was mentioned in the New York Times as one of the top 10 on the playlist for U.S. restaurants (along with Queen Latifah and Nat King Cole). Her voice has been likened to such artists as Sade, Dido, Norah Jones, Ursula Rucker, Lisa Gerrard, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor, and Donna Summer, - although given the diversity of these artists, her style is her own.

Her vocals have been called ‘sultry, sexy, superb, stunning, sweet, scorching, intense, dizzying, cream, aromatic, bewitching, exotic, exceptional, luxurious’.. and the list goes on. As such, she is consistently asked to collaborate with a variety of artists around the world all at the top of their field, and sings anything well from jazz, pop, and all styles of electronica. Her songs range from quirky, fun, and danceable; or they entice a level of intimacy, drama, and movement. In all her music, she aims to form a connection with other people and to help them feel less of an island. Either through melody or rhythm, she strives to make music that people can feel themselves through.



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