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Juliana Schnee Releases Inspirational Jazz Song - "Blue"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 9, 2018 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

Juliana Schnee officially released her latest jazz single “Blue” in October 2018. The Journal of Gospel Music says, “Her inspirational song ‘Blue’ is made all the more effective by the understated small jazz combo and strings that accompany her winsome urging to not let life get you down. ‘Blue’ blends jazz and inspirational lyrics in a way that dignifies both.” A fun fact is that Schnee wrote “Blue” in 40 minutes while she was waiting for her brother to finish hiding Easter eggs! Schnee claims, “I wrote ‘Blue’ for those people who experience so much pain, that it’s more than just a season of sorrow for them. It’s literally become a lifestyle for them, because it’s all they know.”

Juliana, 22, from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is self-taught on the piano and ukulele. She wrote her first song at age 11 and loved singing solos in church and school. Her real start came at age 14 when she found herself playing with a light-up keyboard in the youth room of the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington, Delaware. Her older sister and younger brother were both going through some pretty serious health issues, while she was labeled the “healthy kid” in the family. Knowing that she had a lot of things to process, her parents saw how much she was enjoying that light-up keyboard and they bought her one for Christmas that year.

By the next summer, Schnee had written quite a few songs that she performed for family and friends. Within the next year, her songwriting grew more serious and her parents realized that this was more than a passing hobby. This was simply going to be her career. She recorded Dance in the Rain at 16 and her song “Expectations” got picked up by the local radio. While still in school, she won several singing and songwriting awards through Nurturing Abilities for Christ and Momentum’s Got Talent and credits the programs to really aiding her growth as an artist. She even got to co-write her single “Diamonds” with Christian artist, Jimmy Needham.

As an adult, she’s had her share of success for a small town girl. Her acoustic version of “Blue” hit #1 on the FAB Chart in England. She’s had several other songs on their Top 30 Chart over the years and even was the runner-up for their Artist of the Year, right behind Connie Talbot, of Britain’s Got Talent fame. She won several songwriting competitions and was nominated for Artist of the Year on With her retro jazz vibe, she’s back in the studio recording her upcoming EP VANITY that will release in 2019. She seems to be a young singer with an old soul!


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