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Kalina & Kiana Release New Cover - 'I Want You To Want Me / Can't Help Falling In Love'


Dana Point, CA - June 2, 2023 - California-based pop duo Kalina & Kiana have just unveiled their latest single, a captivating cover of two classic love songs, titled 'I Want You To Want Me / Can't Help Falling In Love.' Seamlessly blending the timeless tracks, this mellow and nostalgic mashup showcases the duo's talent for reinventing beloved hits while staying true to the essence of the originals.

The new release takes listeners on a journey back to the unrequited feelings of a high school crush, as the warmth of the instrumentation envelops the senses. 'I Want You To Want Me / Can't Help Falling In Love' offers a fresh take on both songs, infusing 'I Want You To Want Me' with a greater depth through the lyrical addition of 'Can't Help Falling In Love,' while the latter becomes an exploration of unrequited love.

Kalina & Kiana have long cherished performing this unique blend of classics, and the response from live audiences has been overwhelmingly positive.

"If you have seen us perform live, you know that the blend of these two classics has been a favorite cover of ours for years," states the duo. "We love these songs individually, but putting them together gives them both a fresh take."

The single, produced by Julian Höninger, beautifully captures the sibling harmonies and innovative spirit that have become synonymous with Kalina & Kiana's music. With relatable lyrics and fresh ideas, the duo continues to captivate listeners with their creativity and passion.

About Kalina & Kiana: Kalina & Kiana are a California-based pop duo known for their fresh ideas, relatable lyrics, nostalgic sibling harmonies, and resilience in the face of a broken music industry. The sisters, who embarked on their musical journey at ages 11 and 13, gained early recognition when their all-girl band was produced by John Stamos for a Disney pilot. Despite facing challenges and contractual obligations, Kalina & Kiana continued to perform extensively and write songs for Netflix and Disney. Now, free from constraints, they are focused on creating the best music of their lives. To experience 'I Want You To Want Me / Can't Help Falling In Love' and explore more of Kalina & Kiana's music, visit their official website.

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