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Karen Salicath Jamali Announces Release of New Single "Angel Admael" The Angel of Creation

New York, NY - July 5, 2023 - Karen Salicath Jamali, a renowned composer, pianist, and artist, is excited to announce the release of her latest single, "Angel Admael - The Angel of Creation." This uplifting and relaxing piano composition is accompanied by a stunning cover made from one of Karen's sculptures. The single is now available on all major online music platforms. "Angel Admael" is inspired by the archangel of creation, known as one of the seven archangels assigned to Earth and its creation. Karen Salicath Jamali believes that it is an urgent time to call for the assistance of Angel Admael, who watches over every inhabitant of our planet and cares about every creation, big or small. Her single aims to bring optimism, happiness, and relaxation to listeners, offering a moment of respite in today's challenging times.

Listeners can experience "Angel Admael" on all online music platforms by visiting the following link. Karen Salicath Jamali is also thrilled to announce that her upcoming album, "Angel Pollination," is scheduled for release on August 1st, 2023. The album promises to be a refreshing addition to the music industry, offering inventive and imaginative compositions that set Karen apart as a truly unique and talented artist.

In recognition of her exceptional talent and creative vision, Karen Salicath Jamali has garnered numerous accolades and awards throughout her career. Her compositions have received critical acclaim, and she has been honored with prestigious awards such as The Akademia Award for Best Classical Song and the Global Music Award for Best Composer. Her previous albums, including "Hope of Angels" and "Sound of Angels," have been recognized for Grammy® Consideration.

Karen Salicath Jamali's contributions to the music industry extend beyond her remarkable compositions. She is also an accomplished artist, painter, sculptor, and photographer, with a body of work exhibited in renowned museums and galleries worldwide. Her artwork, much like her music, carries a spiritual and transformative quality that invites viewers to explore deeper emotional meanings.

To learn more about Karen Salicath Jamali's music and art, please visit her official website. Her music can also be found on Spotify


About Karen Salicath Jamali: Karen Salicath Jamali is a multi-award-winning composer, pianist, and producer, as well as a professional American artist. Born in Denmark and currently residing in New York City and Florida, Karen's music is the result of a profound personal journey that began after a near-death experience. Her compositions, characterized by their meditative and healing qualities, have garnered critical acclaim and recognition from prestigious institutions such as the Grammy® Awards. Karen's artistry extend s beyond music, as she is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and photographer, with her works exhibited worldwide. Press Contact: Karen Salicath Jamali Email: Website:



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