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Kathy Bell And Bob McGilpin Release New Single -'America She's Crying'

Kathy Bell and Bob McGilpin's "America She's Crying" Is A Song For and About American People

Kathy Bell and Bob McGilpin's new song "America She's Crying" is a song that not everyone may agree with, but it is for and about the American people. Many will relate to the lyrics regarding where we stand as a country and how far we will let things go in our nation.

The lyrics to "America She's Crying" were written by Kathy Bell and co-written with Bob McGilpin. McGilpin wrote and produced the music; he also edited Bell's lyrics and sings lead vocals. McGilpin does an amazing job performing on the song. Both artists feel passionate about the song's message and believe it will be felt by America and her people.

"Our music is meant to have meaning to those people of America who need this inspiration. Times are tough right now in America. It's a time to stand together and know what we believe. This song has an upbeat country feel that, although serious in topic, will get your toes tapping."

About Kathy Bell

Kathy Bell began at a early age with a dream to perform and sing at the Grand Ole Opry. As she sat on a bench with her dad at the end of a show she fondly recalls saying, "Pop, I want to perform there," and his comment was, "Maybe one day." Kathy Bell began at 10 years of age, playing the piano and singing at the church where her grandfather pastored. In high-school, she played flute in band and sang alto with the choir. Shortly after, she began writing songs and going to Nashville, Tennessee to the songwriter festival. She competed, in costume, in Karaoke competitions and did well. This led to her current career as a Karaoke Host, Wedding DJ, and a fun loving, clean, comedy act called "Ma Bell." Kathy loves her music and entertainment career, and her dream is to still to perform at that Grand Ole Opry, but for now she loves sharing her music and comedy with others.

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About Bob McGilpin

Bob McGilpin's first release was 1978's "Superstar" on Butterfly records which became a Billboard hit along with "Sexy Thing" and "When You Feel Love." He had multiple major label record deals with Casablanca, RCA, and Butterfly/MCA. Competing with luminaries such as KC and The Sunshine Band and The Bee Gees, McGilpin proved his sound was equally emblematic of the era by landing three #1 hits on the coveted Billboard Dance Charts. He is currently working as a Producer, Songwriter, Engineer and Designer/Builder of MVAmps .

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