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Katy Crawford’s New EP, ‘Dwell,’ Breathes Fresh Life Into The Psalms of David

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

International Worship Leader, Katy Crawford, Announces The Release of Her New Psalm Project, ‘Dwell.’

(Dallas, Texas)

Dwell, the new EP by international worship leader Katy Crawford, is an uplifting collection of songs that encourage us to focus on praise instead of our circumstances.

Each song reflects the overcoming messages of the Psalms, meditating on God’s goodness and mercy, even in the midst of struggles.

Recorded in Franklin, Tennessee, Dwell is not her first partnership with producer, Billy Smiley, after singles, "Grace That Saves the World" and "By My Side," released in December 2019 and March 2020, respectively.

"My hope is that those who hear "Dwell" will immediately feel the Spirit of the Lord ministering to them and turn their eyes to Him in these trying times." - Katy Crawford

From the EP, the song “Save Me”, is about victory. When David wrote Psalm 3, he wrote about being surrounded by his enemies and those who would try to sow fear and doubt, but even in his cry for help from God, he didn’t do so from a place of despair, but one of boldness. The chorus declares that God is our shield and that He will hear us when we call. Fears and dangers have no power over us because we are assured that our God will sustain us no matter what.

Dwell Track List

  1. Save Me

  2. You Are Holy

  3. Dwell (Psalm 23)

  4. Hiding Place

  5. Whole Heart

  6. Who Am I

About Katy Crawford

Katy Crawford is a singer-songwriter who has led worship for more than a decade both at her church in the US and within many French-speaking countries. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she grew up in the church ministering alongside her family. Katy strives to bring the songs the Lord has given her to people around the world. Combining her love for Jazz, Bluegrass, and pop, Katy writes original songs with a passion to communicate the fulfilling relationship she's experienced in Christ.

She released her first EP in French, Pour Te Louer (To Praise You), in 2015, followed by her debut full-length project in English, Our Love Story, in 2016. In November 2017, she released an EP, Closer, followed by singles, Grace That Saves the World (2019), and By My Side (2020). Her latest Ep, Dwell, recorded in Nashville with Billy Smiley, includes songs written from the Psalms.

For more information on Katy Crawford, please visit her website. Listen on Spotify

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