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LC Lonely Child Releases "Shadows" in advance of his New EP/Mixtape Series 'Izzuez We All Got Em'

September 9, 2019 ( Portland, OR )

LC Lonely Child releases his single "Shadows" featuring Breana Marin, which is just a taste of what to expect from his new EP/Mixtape' Izzuez We All Got Em'

About "Shadow" LC Lonely Child is entering a new phase in his career with the release of his anticipated EP/Mixtape Series. Coming off a steady and successful launch which included a previous EP and several singles, LC is hitting the studio full stride showcasing his talent and his permanent place in today’s rap music scene - LC Lonely Child is here to stay and his latest single “Shadows” is solid proof. Featuring Breana Marin, "Shadows" was released on August 9, 2019. His new Mixtape 'Izzuez We All Got Em' will surface on all major digital outlets in October, 2019. With an unstoppable determination and concrete confidence, LC Lonely Child doesn’t let any obstacles stand in his way:

“What’s for you is for you, what’s not is not - don’t worry about me.” - LC

The song “Shadows” was first inspired by Breana Marin’s amazing hook. When LC heard it, the content resonated with his personal experiences. "Every day, people try to steal your blessings and knowing that, you have to be more on point with seeking out the right people."

“You just waiting for a slip up, hoping that you get a come up. I want open up a window for you, Shadows” - Lyrics to "Shadows"

Credits for "Shadows" includes Terrence Halliday Jr., Rapper, and Breana Marin, Singer. "Shadows" was engineered at JLR Audio Productions and Produced by Dreamlifebeats.

About LC Lonely Child

LC Lonely Child is an American artist and songwriter born and raised in East Saint Louis, IL. Now residing in Portland, OR, he is pursuing his music career full force.

His freshman EP, "Otha Side of da Water,” was released in 2017 to critical acclaim. He also released several popular singles including "Addicted" and "My Habit” featuring BWA's own OG Boobie Black.

Hot off the stream of success, LC has released his latest single “Shadows" featuring Breana Marin” in advance of his Mixtape “Izzuez We All Got Em Vol. 1” scheduled for October, 2019.

For more great music from LC Lonely Child, please visit him on Spotify. LC Lonely Childs "Shadows" Feat. Breana Marin is available on all major digital outlets including iTunes.


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