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Life & Its Trials: Dawon Merritt aka SAT Game Releases New Single - 'Is No Quit'

"Is No Quit" is SAT Game's new single about a woman who was born in a single parent household without any guidance.

(Detroit, Mi)

SAT Game is ready to take over the airwaves with his upbeat and inspirational new single "Is No Quit." SAT Game connects and lifts listeners through self-reflective, insightful bars and energetic production that will convince you to never give up on your dreams. The record is all about overcoming obstacles and hardships that get in your way and try to make you lose sight of your goals.

"The song is special to me because I have had all type of haters naysayer telling me I was not going to make also have had coworkers trying to get me to quit or get fired"

Take a listen to the track on Youtube Music:

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About SAT Game

SAT Game is a hip-hop artist out of Detroit, Michigan. Listeners first fell in love with his sound back in 2014 when he dropped, Heart of a Warrior, Vol. 1 (under SAT Game). Since then he’s bolstered his catalog with numerous singles from “My Shit So Cold” to “Niggas Mad Cause Dey Pockets Little” as well an LP, My Bentley So Cold. Within each of his tracks, listeners can find everything from lyrical finesse to raw hip hop ideals. Now he is back on his grind, showing that nobody can stop his shine with his latest single "Is No Quit." SAT Game’s music is available around the world, including Australia and Mexico.

Contact SAT Game: (586-438-7052)



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