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Luna Keller Releases a new single ‘Burning House'

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

July 26, 2018

Puerto de Santiago, Tenerife


In 2007 the forest surrounding Luna's home was on fire. She had to pack her bags in the middle of the night and left, not knowing if her house would still be there when she returned. Her house was spared by the fire, but she'll never forget that feeling of uncertainty. This is the reason why she often uses metaphors related to fire in her songs about fear, sadness and uncertainty. Luna’s latest single, “Burning House”, is about all of these feelings.

The song is about being in a situation that seems to be hopeless, feeling stuck and not knowing how to move on, even if you know you want to. It´s about that feeling you get when things are out of your hands, like when Luna left her house the night of the fire, the cover of the single is a picture taken of that fire. Her house didn't burn down and usually situations aren't hopeless. But when they feel like they are, this is her song to process it. She's excited about sharing this song that she describes as "a good old friend" with the world.

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