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Mack H.D Releases Single - FotoLove

January 16, 2019 (White Plains, New York)

Mack H.D. announces the release of a brand new single, FotoLove. This single is a great calling card for Mack as both an opportunity to showcase his growth as a producer and music maker and as a way for new fans to get acquainted with his work. About Mack H.D. Mack H.D. is a music producer based in New York. He hails from Port Au Prince Haiti. Growing up, he listened to Konpa and reggae (Caribbean music). At a young age, Mack's parents passed away and he moved stateside to be with his brother. While living with his brother he started leaning how to make beats. By the time he reached his senior year in high school he recorded dozen of records for local rappers in his area. Today, Mack H.D. is an ambitious college graduate pursuing his dreams of making music.

About FotoLove: FotoLove is filled with energy and the sound that are very easy to relate to, but it also has a personal edge that connects with listeners. The low end is so deep you can actually feel it in your chest, pulsating with every beat, especially if you are listening to this track with a good pair of headphones or a set of awesome speakers! The production in FotoLove is very wide-ranging, offering an in-depth, almost cinematic tone with massive lows and silky smooth high-ends, which really does wonders when it comes to increasing the sense of high-definition and clarity. FotoLove is loud and polished, but also warm and clear, bridging the gap between modern-day records and old school production values by combining the best of both worlds in a very seamless and direct way.

Check out Fotolove: Spotify

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