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Matt Nation - Debut EP "Undeniably Dope" Out Now on All Platforms

Matt Nation's EP "Undeniably Dope" is a genre bender

(New York, N.Y.)

Matt Nation's music transcends effortlessly between the genres of Pop, Hip-Pop, Rap, Indie/Alternative, and RnB. He has garnered attention and a loyal following as the Headliner at music venues throughout New York City. Matt Nation will be the headlining act at The Mercury Lounge NYC on December 27, 2021, and will be performing the songs off his EP "Undeniably Dope".

Matt Nation’s debut EP “Undeniably Dope” released on November 11, 2021, takes us into a journey of self-discovery. His music and storytelling are of deep introspection, contrasted with infectious beats and hooks that make you come back for more. His two singles released earlier in 2021 have already amassed over two million streams on Spotify. Matt Nation’s multi-faceted artistry bends genres and creates a soundscape journey through his music that you want to be on.

"Undeniably Dope" ~ Matt Nation ~ EP Spotify link

The pop sound coupled with the driving 808’s of “Ms. McGuire'' to the wavy hard-hitting rollercoaster ride of “Life Aquatic”, the atmospheric trippy futuristic RnB/Hip-hop sound of “Blue Dream”, to the dark introspective trap soul vibe of “Rose Gold”: The edgy banger sound of “I Don’t Need you” and the modern RnB sound of “Everything You Need” to the international vibes of “Soul” are all original songs in Matt Nation’s arsenal in his debut EP “Undeniably Dope” streaming on all platforms.

"You be my come down when skies are storming. Palm Trees in Paradise somewhere foreign." Matt Nation - Blue Dream


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