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Moxie Starpark: The Greatest Band You Never Heard

Underground Female Punk Band Release Album 20 Years After Last Show

Brooklyn, NY - May 5, 2023 - Moxie Starpark, the iconic DIY female pop punk band, has returned to the music scene with the long-awaited release of their final album, two decades after their last electrifying performance. The album, a collection of 14 raw and heartfelt songs, was crowd-sourced due to the overwhelming demand from devoted fans who had been trading underground demo mixes for years.

Moxie Starpark garnered recognition as "Band of the Year" by LI Voice and earned the title of "Up N Comers" from Teen Beat Magazine, triumphing over the likes of Brittany Spears. Their infectious soundtracks could be heard on popular TV shows like Dawson's Creek and Party of Five. Despite their untamed talent, the all-female pop punk band remained unsigned and struggled to gain exposure before the era of social media and music streaming, fading into the recesses of obscurity. However, their legacy was reignited two months ago with the assistance of acclaimed engineers Joe Napoli (known for his work with Joan Jett) and Jakob Leventhal (renowned for his collaborations with Roseanne Cash).

Together, they painstakingly digitized, mixed, mastered, and unleashed these long-lost gems upon the world.

The album, brimming with catchy sing-alongs, driving drums, and blazing guitars, transcends the surface-level expectations of its genre. Moxie Starpark's music carries a deeper resonance, addressing poignant issues such as cultural intolerance, the complexities of aging parents, and the revelation that one's childhood "home" may not always serve as a safe haven. These themes, while seemingly cloaked in pop melodies, resonate profoundly with the band members and their devoted fan base.

Lead vocalist Missy Donatuti passionately described Moxie Starpark as "The Greatest Band You Never Heard," encapsulating the essence of their resurgence. Fans and new listeners can experience Moxie Starpark's powerful return through their official YouTube channel and connect with the band on their website. The album is also available for streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Credits for this remarkable musical endeavor go to the talented performers Farrell Burk (Guitar & Vocals), Wendy Motchan (Bass & Vocals), Katy Lewis (Vocals), and Lindsey Weinstein (Drums). Cloud Nine Recording producers Joe and Jack Napoli, renowned for their exceptional work with notable artists, spearheaded the post-production process, which involved digitizing analog tapes, mixing, and mastering. Additional mixing was handled by the acclaimed Jakob Leventhal.

Moxie Starpark's revival symbolizes the unyielding spirit of a DIY band that refused to fade away. Their fans' unwavering devotion over the past 20 years, trading underground raw demos, paved the way for this remarkable release. Now, the world can experience the resounding power and infectious energy of Moxie Starpark's final album.

About Moxie Starpark: Moxie Starpark is a female pop punk band hailing from the heart of New York City. Known for their melodic three-part harmonies interwoven with driving guitars and rhythms, the band effortlessly conveys soulful lyrics that invite audiences to sing along.

After a two-decade hiatus, Moxie Starpark has emerged as a cult phenomenon, captivating fans who still remember every song and have eagerly traded the band's raw demos in underground circles.

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