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Music Review Blogs

BWH Music Group offers music reviews and interviews on 4 highly selective music blogs. Selectivity ensures that each music review and interview is valued. A great music review from a reputable blog is a stamp of credibility.

For more information, visit the blogs listed below:

Each music review blog is dedicated to promoting the best new indie music. Reviews on Indie Spoonful, Please Pass the Indie and Indie Brew are objective and in-depth. Each review includes photos, videos and links to enhance fan engagement. Each blog accepts submissions of original material in all genres for single, EP or CD reviews.

10 Questions is one of the most popular indie music interview blogs in the country. 10 Questions Indie Music Interviews offers a fun way for fans to get know some of the best indie artists and bands in today's music scene through 10 intriguing questions. Each interview includes photos, videos and links.

BWH Music Group indie music review and interview blogs draw 1’000’s of visitors each week from all over the world. Readers hail from the United States (85%), Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Germany and more.

About BWH Music Group:

Indie Spoonful, Please Pass the Indie, Indie Brew and 10 Questions are a division of BWH Music Group. BWH Music Group is a full scale, non-exclusive, Cooperative Record Label where the label and artists work together to achieve common goals. BWH Music Group offers Recording Services, Public Relations and Radio. Artists on the BWH Music Group roster receive extension promotions including news, reviews and interviews on the BWH Music Group blogs and more. To learn more about BWH Music Group, visit


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