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Nashville's Multi-Genre Artist Annemarie Picerno Releases Emotional Radio Single "What Will You Say"

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Redemption and Crossing Over is Explored in Annemarie Picerno's Powerful New Song FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Nashville, TN - July 24, 2023 - Annemarie Picerno, a Grammy member and award-winning artist, has just released her latest radio single, "What Will You Say." This powerful and emotionally charged song delves into self-reflection on a life well lived, encompassing years filled with people, experiences, love, regrets, and forgiveness. Blending Country, Americana, and Soft Rock, Annemarie's raw and heartfelt vocals elevate the song's emotional impact, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

The lyrics of "What Will You Say" resonate deeply, inviting listeners to contemplate if their lives were well lived and if relationships truly mattered. The song encourages reflection on whether love and goodness were spread throughout the world, and if one's presence made a difference in the lives of others. Wistful memories of cherished loved ones, along with the struggles and encounters with various people throughout life, paint a poignant picture of forgiveness, making amends, and the hope of an awaiting heaven for those who believe.

"What Will You Say" showcases Annemarie Picerno's versatility and musical artistry, combining up-tempo and bright elements with powerful emotions expressed through the vocal melody. The song is a testament to love with no regrets and a call to cherish meaningful connections.

"Writing the lyrics for this song was a profound experience for me," explains Annemarie. "The musings on crossing over and whether our friends and cherished ones knew we loved them might seem like a dark topic, yet I feel we all consider these things. The music is up-tempo and bright with a few surprises, and the vocal melody builds from subtle to powerful emotion expressing love with no regrets." Lyric sample from " What Will You Say?"

Some friends have known me a long time. Others have traveled past me If you had to stand up in a crowd Say what you felt out loud? What will you say? When I'm buried in my grave? Will you say a prayer for me? Or will I be faded memory? Did I ever make you smile? Did I lighten up your day? Was I honest in your eyes? Tell me... What will you say? Tell me... What will you say?

Listeners can now experience the soul-stirring "What Will You Say" on YouTube:


About Annemarie Picerno:

Annemarie Picerno is an accomplished artist based in Nashville, TN, and a member of the Grammy Awards community, Americana Music Association, and Indie Collaborative. With a diverse musical style encompassing country, pop, blues, gospel, soul, and rock, Annemarie has garnered widespread recognition and awards for her exceptional artistry. Her music has been featured on Bongo Boy Records, and she has been considered for multiple Grammy Awards. Beyond her music, Annemarie is an active participant in Nashville's artistic community, supporting local venues, independent artists, and Veteran events. For more information about Annemarie Picerno and her music, visit her official website at

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