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Nashville Singer-Songwriter Laura Nickel Romanticizes Summer with New Single "That July"

"I desperately wished to go back to when life always felt easy and exciting. Sometimes I still do." - Laura Nickel

Nashville, TN - [June 19, 2023] Indie singer-songwriter Laura Nickel is capturing the essence of summer nostalgia with her latest single, "That July." Inspired by her own cherished memories, Nickel takes listeners on a journey through lighthearted pranks and carefree moments shared with friends. From leaving inside jokes on cars to engaging in spirited games of ding dong ditching othere's houses and telling ghost stories around a bonfire, the track paints a vivid picture of summer mischief and youthful camaraderie.

Written during the first winter pandemic lockdown, "That July" emerged from Nickel's longing to reconnect with her friends who were just miles away but felt worlds apart. As the uncertainties of the pandemic cast a shadow, the song became an anthem for yearning to return to a simpler time.

The whimsicality of "That July" is evident in Nickel's artistic approach. She singlehandedly wrote, produced, and mixed the track, infusing it with staccato piano lines, ad-libbed laughter, and layers of vocal harmonies. The addition of hazy tolling bells further enhances the sentimentality and transports listeners back to the long summer days of their youth. "That July" not only celebrates cherished memories but also expresses gratitude for the growth and change experienced since those carefree days.

"That July" is the lead single from Laura Nickel's debut album, "Dusty Houses," which was released in April 2023. Showcasing her descriptive lyrics and memorable melodies, Nickel's music is deeply personal and resonates with listeners on an emotional level.

"Take me to that July. The silky breeze helped us fly. When onion skins were the only thing to make us cry. Take me to that July. The sun was always in our eyes. The doorbell rang and we were all surprised. When Danny and Jane and Dawn were still in our lives." - Lyrics by Laura Nickel

Laura Nickel's impressive musical talents shine through on "That July," with credits including piano, vocals, songwriting, production, and mixing engineering. She collaborates with talented musicians Nico Santone on acoustic guitar, Rit Carroll on bass guitar, Evan Randall on drums, and Gabi Grella as the mastering engineer.

In her recently released album, "Dusty Houses," Nickel delves into themes of lost loved ones, childhood love, and the enduring memories that accompany strong friendships. As she continues to evolve as an artist, Laura Nickel remains based in Nashville, TN, where she finds inspiration for her ongoing musical endeavors. About Laura Nickel: Laura Nickel is an indie singer-songwriter known for her descriptive lyrics and memorable melodies. Her music reflects her personal experiences and serves as a roadmap of her journey. With a background in piano and guitar, Laura began writing songs at the age of sixteen and has since released an EP titled "Blue Skies" and her debut album, "Dusty Houses." Based in Nashville, TN, she continues to create music that encourages self-reflection and emotional exploration.

Press Contact: Laura Nickel Nashville, TN



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