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Natalie Jean and Levi Moore's Music Video wins Golden Earth Film Award for Best Music Video

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

July 24, 2018

Kensington, Maryland


Natalie Jean and Levi Moore are excited to announce their latest award, Best Music Video of The Month for June 2018 in the Golden Earth Film Award. 'The Letting Go,'is a co-write between Michael Peloso and Natalie Jean. "The Letting Go" is about allowing yourself to be free. It is about not caring what anyone else thinks and allowing yourself to love and be loved.

Natalie Jean is a multi-nominated award winning singer-songwriter. She has garnered over 70 nominations for her music. She is extremely versatile She can sing in English, French, Haitian Creole, and Spanish. She also perform and writes for many genres such as Pop, Dance, Country, Americana, Rap, R&B, Jazz, Contemporary, and Blues. Levi Moore is an award-winning Country/Americana singer/songwriter, with multiple nominations for both Artist and Vocalist of The Year, Levi Moore presents his music with an easy, straightforward style and a smoothly honest baritone voice. As a writer, the sincerity in his often introspective songs can be traced back to legends like Alan Jackson and Gordon Lightfoot.

“The song binds a beautiful tale of unforgettable love and the strength it bores into the mind and soul of a human body. This track flows over a logical explanation of feelings and relationship which is sure to inspire many young hearts. The audio quality of the song is quite high with keen attention given to making the song enjoyable for the audience. Brilliantly penned down by Michael Peloso and Natalie Jean, this track, ‘The Letting Go’ is truly a masterpiece by Natalie Jean and Levi Moore. With so much talent and passion merging on a single platform, this track is already a memorandum in the world of amusing harmony.” – Skope Magazine – Natalie Parker

The Letting Go Music video has been well received, garnering several nominations and four wins!


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