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New EP Release From Jazzy Sky - 'Breakfast'

November 13, 2018 (Paris, France)

The “Jazzy Sky” band is very pleased to announce the release of their first EP, composed of four Jazzy songs, on December 7, 2018 (pre-order available on the November 9th 2018). This project started in 2016 with the recording of their first single “Breakfast”, performed by Elizabeth, and was finished in 2018 to include three other songs performed by guest singer: Camille Van Niekerk.

Camille is a singer and vocal instructor. She loves sharing the beauty and joy of music with others, whether through performance or teaching. Camille began studying voice and performing in musicals at age seven. In 2010, Camille began working at University, where she studied classical voice and jazz voice. Camille graduated Summa cum laude with a 3.98 GPA. After graduating, she earned her teaching credential and taught classroom choral and instrumental music. Shortly after moving, Camille began her private vocal studio, providing vocal coaching, ear training, and recording for students of all ages. When she is not teaching, she also sings with chorales and a Gospel Choir.

The music was composed by Stephane Querry, as were the lyrics (with the help of his brother Olivier). Stephane Querry is a pianist and composer who began piano at age eleven. After studying in different music schools, he received a classical piano scholarship to study with Michel Prady, and he has been luckily enough to be selected inside the prestigious professional classroom of France Clidat (at the “Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris”) for 4 years (1999-2003), where he developed his technique in classical music. He studies Jazz (Harmony, Piano improvisation, band formation and rhythm) in the David Patrois Classroom in the musical conservatory of the 5th district of Paris and also in other various classrooms (Jean-Christophe Dorchies for example).

Very attracted to music composition, Stephane wrote a post romantic piano concerto and several classical transcriptions for the trio as well as several Jazz songs. The subject of this EP mainly concerns the first steps of a love story with the song “Tonight” which is about the first meeting between a man and a woman, “Breakfast” - a stay in a hotel far away from a love; “All or Nothing” which describes the wish to share a love story happiness with a deceased family member, and finally “In love” which is about the feeling of being in love, with a message of hope.


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