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New Ethereal Pop Artist Emerges From The Grand Canyon: Violet and the Sun

Violet & The Sun's Self-Titled Album Offers Nine Ethereal Pop Songs

(Williams, Arizona)

About Violet and the Sun

Violet and the Sun is the first solo project from former NYC DJ-Turned-Producer, April White. The album is comprised of nine songs that are as enigmatic and original as they are lush and eclectic: 1. (Tear A Hole In) This Plastic Night 2. Amaurot 3. All I Am Is Love 4. To Watch You Grow Old 5. Violet & The Sun 6. Stardust 7. Constant 8. George and Martha 9. The Ruby Song

White called upon several friends, collaborators and skilled musicians to contribute to the colorful soundscapes the album explores. The songs would not be complete without the stylings, inspirations, ideas, and talents of Aaron Day (vocals, clarinet, percussion), Jon Margulies (guitar, bass), and Christine Bucher (cello) or the finesse of award-winning composer, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Leinbach whose final touches and mixing/mastering skills took each song to a new level. In addition, several gifted violin players contributed to the live strings recorded on the album including Birkan Yavuz, Kashaeda Sutton, and Elena Gonzalez-Putney-Wamble.

"Violet and the Sun's music is so original, with the extensive synth work, trippy sounds, orchestral instrumentation, playful mallet parts, and lush vocal arrangements—all done with a pop sensibility." — Ben Leinbach, Award-winning Producer, Composer and Engineer

About April White

April White is a bandleader, singer-songwriter, piano player and producer-engineer. In private moments of playing the piano and singing, White creates intimate music to express her experiences and emotions. As if writing a journal of self-discovery and spirit revival, her inner life is brought to the foreground in her eponymous album, Violet and the Sun. White’s previous work included collaborations with MING, Tricky's vocalist Costanza and Jon "Hobotech" Margulies as a member of the band Tiny Machines. Violet & The Sun is her first solo project which reflects her growth as a person and a musician.

"I'm really proud of 'Violet and the Sun' and feel like so much of what I've learned over the past decade has blossomed in this album. After years of striving to do more than act out human drama and leave a path from my heart to heaven, as I sing in "The Ruby Song," I feel like this project is the beginning of me doing exactly that. I can't wait to see what the future holds." - April White

After living in NYC and Los Angeles, White moved to a wild and remote acreage near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon with her beloved dogs, cat and Nigerian dwarf goats. Her new home provides her with an endless source of joy and wonder. The miles of uninterrupted pinyon pines by day and countless stars by night give White a sense of interconnection in the universe which is intimately reflected in her music.

For more information, please visit Violet and the Sun's website. To purchase or stream the album, visit Hear Now.


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