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New single by Norwegian folk-artist Eli Gauden – “Another Day”

(Straumsgrend, Norway)

About “Another Day”

Norwegian singer/songwriter Eli Gauden felt a deep pressure to meet her own her own expectations and to not let the achievements of others, or comparisons to other’s success, stop her own drive and power.

On the edge of giving up, on a snowy January Sunday, Eli played a random chord and yelled out her frustrations in a teary, melodic cry.

"Tell me if it's true; that some people succeed in everything they do.” - Little did she know, those word were to become the first line of her next release.

About Eli:

Norwegian singer/songwriter Eli Gauden fell in love with American folk and blues during her studies in the U.S. Now, back in Norway, you will find her with a resonator guitar and a slide on her finger. She combines raw delta blues with sweet ballads and heartbreaking folk, creating a wondering, down to earth, and positive vibe.

Eli grew up amongst apple trees and cows, with a big family and big yard. Thus, nature and wildlife is close to her heart. The years abroad, moving back and forth, colors her songwriting and lyrics. Uncertainty, belonging, home vs. away, settlement, and adulthood is common themes in her lyrics.

Eli has performed publicly since 2005, and has played festivals and venues throughout the US and Southern Europe and is currently focused on the Norwegian music scene. She has released two EPs, Follow Me Home (2018), The Walk (2016) and numerous singles. She's currently working on her first full-length album which will be released early 2020.

For more information about Eli, please visit her website or Facebook.


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