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"No Particular Blues" By Steve Bonham and The Long Road Is Selected For 'Keepin It Country'

Steve Bonham and The Long Road FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( Derbyshire UK )

BWH Music Group Is Proud To Announce That Steve Bonham and The Long Road's Song “No Particular Blues” Has Been Selected for Keepin' It Country, Vol. One, by Various Artists, A Country Compilation Album Comprised Of An Eclectic Mix of 17 Songs By Today's Best Independent Country Artists and Songwriters.

About "No Particular Blues" "No Particular Blues" was written by the Vagabond Philosopher, Steve Bonham, on an old travel guitar whilst he was on a trek from the top of the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert, with his Berber friend Moha and some camels. It's a song about freedom and letting go and an amiable two-fingered salute to those who want to conform and 'fit in"

"Could have been called Vagabond Blues, written for those who won’t play the game. Phantasmagorical AND Babalogical ? Who knows? Featuring a get-atcha riff from John on Resonator Guitar. "

About Steve Bonham and The Long Road

Renegade Americana, Anglo-American or Roots? It’s hard to pin down the compelling, distinctive high energy music of Steve Bonham and The Long Road. It’s a swampy brew of sharp lyrics, great melodies and the fab sound of acoustic instruments being played with passion and purpose. Appealing to the outlaw in us all, the band features one of the finest bunch of rogues to hit a recording studio along with Steve Bonham who has been described as " the songwriter’s songwriter". The Long Road consists of Chris ‘The Bishop’ Lydon on piano and tuba (Liz Green and Beth Chapin-Carpenter), ‘The Big Man’ Kev Moore on bass, guitar and drums, Christie, Saxon and Witchcross) and ‘Long’ John Humphreys on guitar, resonator, banjo and fiddle.

The outlaw songsmith … employs a …renegade-Anglo touch to make Americana great again… but he’s less world-weary , more foot down hard with raw whisky energy. - Rock N Roots UK

In 2018 they released two ‘companion' albums as part of their ‘Gone to Look for America’ project: ‘The Girl with the Rattlesnake Heart’ and ‘Reliance’. The response has been astonishing with 4 and 5 star reviews in the press including Maverick Country and Rock n Roots (RnR). The songs have received airplay in over 40 countries and rising and their single‘Rattlesnake’ climbing the charts.

“Out of the darkness and into the light of day comes “The Girl With the Rattlesnake Heart,” the latest from the critically acclaimed … Steve Bonham and the Long Road. Bonham, aptly self-described as a vagabond philosopher, tells us “It’s a longtime comin’ this changin’ of times” in the opening bars of the song, and he isn’t just talking about pop culture as we’ve come to know it” - Vents Magazine

The band is known for their charismatic performances. This year they are taking the stage at several festivals including The Festival of The Artisan, the Lichfield Festival of Folk and the UK Country Music Radio stage at the Welshpool Country Festival. Steve also made a solo tour of the US and Germany.

"Make no mistake about it, Steve Bonham and the Long Road are a British band, but their interpretation of American style blues is tantamount to anything their transatlantic brethren have released in recent years." - Indie Source Radio

Connect With Steve Bonham and The Long Road

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