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Nodus Tollens Releases Anticipated New Single - ‘Some Time Alone’

Nodus Tollens’ new single ‘Some Time Alone’ expresses his feelings about the music he is creating.

(San Antonio, Texas)

About "Some Time Alone"

Nodus Tollens is embarking on the journey of a solo artist while also being his own producer. Finding inspiration in other bedroom producers such as “Mellow Fellow” and “Mac Demarco”, Nodus Tollens has poured his creativity into is upcoming album. "Some Time Alone" was released in advance of his upcoming album.

"Some Time Alone" gives us a taste of what we should expect from his new project. With dreamy guitars and a psychedelic lead guitar melody that falls right in place with the vocal melody, to the simple but steady drum beat and the rhythmic bass lines, Nodus Tollens takes us into a mellow dream.

About Nodus Tollens

Nodus Tollens is an up and coming indie-pop artist out of south Texas. Being a multi-instrumentalist, as well as producer, he has worked on many local projects. In pursuing his solo career, he goes by the name of "Nodus Tollens".

"I am writing something, just to get it out there., to show it to some people I know won’t care.” - Nodus Tollens

Creating a dreamy relaxing musical landscape to reflect and convey his struggles with solo writing and self expression, he sets the stage with his new single "Some Time Alone".

Learn more about Nodus Tollens on his website,



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