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Online Artist Development Program, Music Career Mastermind, Releases First Compilation Album

Twenty-One Artists Showcase Their Talent on New Music Career Mastermind’s Graduate Compilation Album

(New York, NY)

Music Career Mastermind announces the release of their first graduate compilation album, “Hey

Mom, Just Want You to Know I’m Not Crazy.” The academy’s first graduate album features 16

songs by up-and-coming artists in multiple genres.

The songs were written and produced by the artists themselves and either mixed by the artists or with multi-Grammy-winning producer Mike Mangini. Mangini runs the Music Career Mastermind graduate program with owner Melissa Mulligan; he also runs the academy’s music production courses.

For links to Spotify, Apple Music and more, please visit the album's music sharing link. Stream on Spotify

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Playlist - “Hey Mom, Just Want You to Know I’m Not Crazy”

  1. Fake It All - Nai'a

  2. Bedsheets - Daniel Jay Woods

  3. Viewfinder - Eliora

  4. Badlands - Tenebrous

  5. Good Vibes - Holiday Lane

  6. Breaking Heart - Foster Moody

  7. Heart Like A Botanical Garden - Worst Sumo

  8. Not When You're Listening - Emma Mathieson

  9. This Time - Bec Bradshaw

  10. Dying World - Fretless Fox

  11. Turn Out The Moon - Sam Wood

  12. Second Chance - Felicia Berrier

  13. Snow In May - Colin G.

  14. Beautiful Distraction - Burger

  15. (I Won't) Pretend - Nolan Gibbons & Nikki Wildy

  16. It Holds Me To The Bottom Of A Heavy Pool - Ameliarose

"I have the pleasure of working with many signed artists who write hit songs and become some of my favorite people. But this album truly is the most astonishing collection of music I’ve heard in recent years. The versatility, the talent, the skills, the creativity and the HONESTY coming from these artists just blows my mind. This album is theirs, 100%. They make this community what it is, they inspire each other to grow and try new things, and they love each other fiercely. I’m totally and completely amazed by what the Mastermind community is doing." - Melissa Mulligan, Music Career Mastermind Owner

About Michael Mangini, Producer The songs on the album were either mixed by the artists themselves or with the help of the head of Music Career Mastermind’s advanced production program, multi-Grammy-winning producer Mike Mangini. Mangini is an American record producer and owner of Mojo Music, a production and artist management company. He has worked with The Jonas Brothers, AJR, David Byrne, Dionne Warwick, Digable Planets, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Bruce Hornsby, Smash Mouth, Dionne Warwick, Five for Fighting, Andy Grammer, Loren Allred, Jackie Evancho, Elise LeGrow, and many more. He was also the Music Producer for the film "Shrek."


About Music Career Mastermind Music Career Mastermind, owned and operated by Melissa Mulligan and her team of industry

experts, offers a series of elite online coaching programs that include everything from artist identity, songwriting, production, mixing and music business to entrepreneurial thinking and launching a business. In an industry that often overlooks true artistic development, Music Career

Mastermind provides aspiring artists online programs for “road mapping,” a unique perspective

on creating a sustainable income while working toward your larger goals.

Visit the Music Mastermind Career Website.

Contact: Email Melissa: Connect on Instagram Request a Complimentary Road Mapping Call:



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