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"Our Little War" By Old Brave Souls Is Selected for BWH Music Group's 'On Peace Street'

"Our Little War" By Old Brave Souls Is Selected For BWH Music Group's 'On Peace Street,' A Complitation Album Featuring Emerging and Exceptional Independent Artists Sharing Songs About Peace and Social Justice.

(Moncks Corner, South Carolina)

About "Our Little War" by Brave Old Souls

Old Brave Souls wrote "Our Little War" after the emotional impact they felt when they heard the news about the Parkland, FL shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the overwhelming number of shootings that were going on at the time and continue to plague our communities.

The band was moved to write about what if feels like to be powerless and defenseless in your own backyard. They went into the studio and finished the song over one weekend, adding the song to their latest EP 'Fields Like Yesterday.'

"We like to write mainly upbeat music, so the lyrics have an optimistic slant in the end, but they speak simply and directly about the vulnerability of living in a place where all your favorite spaces feel unsafe. "

Like most of their lyrics, the band aims to look inward, to "look in the mirror" and reflect. Their lyrics are less about pointing fingers at others and more about self-reflection and empathy.

"We think we know what it means because we've seen it on some screen. This is our little war." - Lyrics from "Our Little War"

"Our Little War" is not so much an anti-gun song as it is a plea for people to be more thoughtful about precious life and liberty.

About Old Brave Souls

Old Braves Souls is an Indie Rock band from Charleston, SC made up of brothers Nick and Luke Yoder. Their debut album, 'Fields Like Yesterday,' was released August, 2019 across all major digital outlets and streaming platforms.

Originally from Cumberland, MD, Nick and Luke were both active in the Western Maryland music scene in the late1990s and early 2000s. Nick was the drummer for Grill Body Five, a pop-punk band. Luke was a vocalist in Midnight:30 and Plan B, two Hip-Hop groups. After exploring individual paths, they both moved back to the family farm in Charleston where they spend most of their time writing and recording songs in the old barn they converted to a studio. 

Old Brave Souls offers melodic, acoustic rock with thoughtful lyrics. While currently playing open mics in their local area and trying new material, the band is already working on their follow-up album, perfecting their studio sound.  

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About BWH Music Group

BWH Music Group works with today's finest emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and artist promotions offering Recording Services, Compilation Releases, Music Public Relations, and National Indie Radio. Quickly becoming a sought-after post-production studio for independent artists, "BWH Music Group has become synonymous with hosting some of the biggest and brightest young stars on their roster" (GasHouse Radio).


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