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Pastor Peter Unger Shares New Single - 'Song and Prayer'

(Allentown, PA)

Peter Unger's "Song and Prayer" Offers Spiritual Affirmation

"Song and Prayer" spiritually affirms both the emotional and spiritual challenges in the wake of the current pandemic.

The song was inspired by Peter Unger's work as a part-time college instructor and Pastor. Peter was moved by the many students who shared their frustrations and challenges in dealing with the current epidemic. Their experiences, as well his own feelings and thoughts about the pandemic, were the inspiration for "Song and Prayer."

"Song and Prayer" is part lamentation and part hopeful affirmation of how the Lord can use us during such times. The song conveys God's love in divisive and polarizing times.

"My songs try to convey God's love in divisive, and polarizing times. Perhaps the following verse from the bridge of "A Song for Peace" best sums up my caution to those in our culture who continue to ingrain angry, and hateful patterns of thought and behavior. "Hates not the answer it's the cause you see. We objectify each other as the enemy Blinded to a vision of our shared humanity.""

About Peter Unger

Rev. Peter B. Unger is UCC pastor. He received his doctorate degree from Drew University in Madison, NJ in the area of Psychology of Religion. He has served Churches in upstate NY., and Eastern PA. He was a chaplain at the Syracuse, NY Veterans Hospital. Pastor Unger is currently an adjunct college instructor in the areas of Philosophy, Ethics, and Comparative Religion.

His passion, at the heart of his ministry, has been to share the saving Grace of Jesus Christ through storytelling, singing and songwriting. Peter’s music features organic guitar work and poignant lyrics with a focus on hope and faith in today’s challenging world. Peter’s latest song is titled “Song and Prayer” gives hope in light of the fear and frustrations concerning the current epidemic.

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