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Peter Xifaras Releases 'Children Of Conflict' Bringing Attention to the Plight of Children Worldwide

Current events in Afghanistan & Ukraine were the impetus for the writing & recording of this important work.

(Charlestown, RI)

As the Afghanistan pull out unfolded, heart wrenching images of falling bodies from planes, mothers handing their babies over the wall to soldiers, and terrified Afghans being crushed to death where so many would be left behind, and then shortly after the atrocities unfolding in the invasion of the Ukraine. Peter Xifaras was compelled to create a musical work with corresponding videos, that would remind people and bring attention to the plight of 'Children Of Conflict' around the globe.

Children Of Conflict is an important message of the innocents who every day suffer all over the world who are at the mercy of rogue dictators and corrupt governments. To remind people of these children whose lives have been indescribably altered, their parents either gone, or so traumatized they are struggling to simply cope with the ever changing patchwork their lives and futures have become. Children Of Conflict was released August 5, 2022.

"'Children of Conflict' is stirring and emotive, and Xifaras' performance is masterful. This is a must-hear work" - The Arc Of Music

"Music that is as timely as it is tender, as graceful as it is moving, and as beautiful as it is heart-aching" - Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

Prologue & Epilogue contain hauntingly beautiful and immensely powerful words - Conscious Living Magazine

Composer & Producer: Peter Xifaras

Orchestra: Czech National Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Marek Štilec

Recorded at: CNSO Studio, Prague

Record label:®

Distribution: Sony/Orchard


About Peter Xifaras

In his roles as a solo-artist, composer, guitarist, orchestrator, and producer, Peter has garnered praise for successfully crossing over musical boundaries. He is just as comfortable writing a piece for symphonic orchestra as he is laying down a wailing blues solo on guitar. Peter's music has been heard on hundreds of radio stations and has been on SiriusXM rotation for over a decade. As a multi-award winning artist, Peter's music has also topped Billboard's Classical and Crossover charts.

The diverse nature of Peter's genre-bending compositions has attracted a wide range of talented guest artists who frequently appear on his releases as well as his symphoneX Orchestra® project. Peter recently recorded with the great legendary jazz-trumpeter Shunzo Ohno for an upcoming fusion release, composed a 6-movement classical work for social justice recorded by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and is currently working on a concerto for classical guitar - all while getting ready to score the next feature-film produced by JawDoc productions.

For more information about Peter Xifaras, please visit his website



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