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Pop Positivity: Rising Artist r.vega Releases Her First Original Song - "Keeping On"

A Personal Experience With Perseverance Inspires Creativity

(San Francisco, California)

Newcomer r.vega introduces herself to the music scene with a hopeful melody and upbeat rhythmic section to remind us to "keep on keeping on." Her first original song "Keeping On" tells listeners of her personal experience maintaining a long-distance relationship while keeping an optimistic outlook for the future.

"My husband and I are both positive people, and I wanted to create a song that told a part of our story while also reflecting our cheerful dispositions. I created this song during our time apart to express that “keeping on” with our relationship, even though it is difficult, will make us stronger." - r.vega

With a cheerful accompaniment and a forward-moving bass line, bubbly perseverance radiates throughout this lighthearted synth-pop tune. With the current state of the world, listeners will surely enjoy this easy-listening tune to get them through the rest of 2020.

About r.vega

r.vega is a 28 year-old classically trained musician, and full-time music educator from California. When she isn’t teaching or gigging, she enjoys exploring a wide variety of genres through her songwriting, as evident in her latest releases. Her influences include Coldplay, Zedd, Keane, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Miike Snow, and Troye Sivan (just to name a few).

She frequently collaborates with other musicians, creative writers, and visual artists for each release. You can find out more about r.vega and the collaborators on her artist instagram @_r.vega_.

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