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Pv & The HeheheeeYs are out with the new EP, Eye Say II

Bergen, Norway

September 4, 2018


Eye Say II:

Pv & The HeheheeeYs are out with a brand new EP! Eye Say II is the second release in an EP collection of four. And the bands 6th release. It was recorded in Solslottet Studio and Havnelageret Studio in Norway (Bergen), during 2017. The EP´s first track, Ruin, was written by the bands good friend Alf Vold, who died of cancer in 2003. While the rest of the material is written by the Pv. The EP is also produced by PV and it was mastered by Iver Sandøy. Release date: 20.August 2018 Label: PVrec

About the band:

Pv & The HeheheeeY's is an indie/pop/rock band from Bergen, Norway. They started out as a studio project in 1998. But after their debut, Create Your Lover, they also found their way to the stage. They have done several concerts in Norway, and also in the US (2000-2003). In the US with the legendary Grammy Award winning blues-guitarist Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter Band). From 2004 - 2018 PV Staff has been touring mostly alone, doing an average of 320 gigs a year. The drummer, Iver Sandøy, is at the moment also a member of the famous world touring metal band Enslaved. But PV & The HeheheeeY's are still occasionally doing concerts together, although they are now considered a studio band.

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