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Release of Debut Album "Where Divinity Meets Humanity" by John McKivergan

Hudson, NH — John McKivergan, the gifted songwriter renowned for his contributions to Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music, is thrilled to announce the release of his debut album, "Where Divinity Meets Humanity." This album is a compilation of previously released singles that delve deep into the multifaceted relationship between God and humanity.

"Where Divinity Meets Humanity" invites listeners on a spiritual journey, exploring themes that resonate with the human experience and the divine connection. The album includes tracks like "Why," which contemplates the purpose of human creation, "Love vs. Hate," emphasizing God's unwavering love, "You Being You" and "Treasured," which celebrate God's love for us as we are, and "Broken," a poignant reminder that redemption is possible even in our darkest moments when we turn to God for guidance.

Album Release Date: "Where Divinity Meets Humanity" was officially released on October 16, 2023, and is now available for streaming and purchase on various music platforms.

"O Lord, though I fall short so many times, You still show me what gives meaning to my life. When You lead, and I try to make sure my neighbor has enough to eat, serve the ones that I lead, teach our youth that they belong, strive to make my marriage grow strong—using Your gifts to help others thrive is no doubt why I am alive."

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  • John McKivergan - Lyrics

  • Kevin O'Shaughnessy - Composer / Producer

  • Trystan Matthews - Producer

About John McKivergan: John McKivergan is a celebrated songwriter recognized for his contributions to Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music. Collaborating with talented musicians, vocalists, and producers, John brings his heartfelt and faith-filled lyrics to life. His compositions are published and distributed on various music platforms, internet radio, and social media.

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