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Rice Giving the Squeeze with his New single Juice

Rice’s new single "Juice" inspires you to write your own script.

(Webster, MA)

Released 6/24/22, "Juice" is inspired by the movie in which Tupac had a starring role . Just something to think about when we compare the characters Bishop to Q in which Bishop had a vision , however he didn’t know the value of his youth and when We look at the movie Bishop is someone Which Rice says he identifies with because although Rice knew he was talented he wasn’t confident about his talents . Throwing away the script means it’s okay to be different and not fit in a lane . Please follow Rice for upcoming news .

This song is about self-value vs self-doubt. It expresses the feeling of coming from a place where you don't believe in your own talents, but know that you are talented. It all comes down to to turning life into your own movie, throwing away the script, and taking the actions necessary to create the “role” you were meant for. It's crazy to think there can be so much "Juice" behind someone with self-doubt

“Why would you listen to him man , he just be following trends , I gotta show them I’m different almost like Bishop to Q, look at the way that he moves Never Boggled a move"

Rice would love to thank Robert Tar, producer of the beat, and Leo Neltz at District 2 studio in Worcester, Ma. Thanks to Canonlawless for capturing the visuals of the Juice White out Video and thank you to Trill is Bliss and TJ for our Xpozing Award for bear Hip-hop performance video with clips from performances in Atlanta combined with the in-studio white outperformance. Shout out to WOA entertainment and Oliver Sean for putting Juice on Various Artist Independent No 1’s Volume 12 Compilation Album which hit #1 on the Amazon Uk charts. Congratulations to all the artists on this phenomenal Compilation Album. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my artistic development because teamwork makes the dream work. Rice would also like to thank his fans because your support means everything.


About Rice

Making his mark in music, dynamic entertainer, songwriter, and singer Rice breaks through all barriers. Besides being a budding singer-songwriter, Rice is also a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founder of Hustle Work Grind Records, and his brother and contemporary artist, M-Ezy. A trove of talents, Rice remains inspired by the belief that music is a universal language and a powerful medium to inspire, empower, and connect with others. Charged by ingenuity and passion, the rising artist’s discography boasts records such as: “Bet on it,” which was released in 2018, followed by the single “Big Dreams,” which he dropped in 2019. A multi-talented graduate student, Rice is co-founder of Hustle Work Grind Records along with his brother M-Ezy, and remains engrossed in making meaningful musical compositions in the studio. Rice has also achieved several accolades, including the winning award for Best Performance Video for “No Brady” 2021 Poze Radio, as well as ‘Best Hip-Hop Video for “Big Dreams” in 2022. He remains guided by the mantra that “one is not defined by anything, but the hard work one is willing to put” in something they are passionate about, bringing a refreshing new outlook to Hip Hop. Melding real-life experiences with stimulating rhythms, Rice has also performed at several live gigs and shows, including the Easter Seals Benefit and the 2018 Beats and Barbeque, where he opened for Styles P and Sky Zoo. He has also stunned listeners at the Black Excellence performance event hosted by Hip-hop culture magazine, as well as a performance and fashion event hosted by Jimmy Kane (Wutang Clan). The eclectic artist is currently working on a song called “Juice”- a vivid and visceral exploration of late Hip-Hop icon Tupac Shakur’s life and is based on the movie Juice. The stirring track underlines two strong leaders and examines how each portrays his decisions. The singer-songwriter was also involved in the influential Black Lives Matter movement and spread awareness by displaying crucial messages about accountability through a majority of Webster, Mass.

Along with his friends, he was also responsible for arranging a protest in 4 days, which over 600 people attended. Growing and evolving his skills and talents, Rice intends to release powerful music that gains traction, get interviews and booking opportunities, and grow as a person, artist, and businessman. The artist is looking for grants to continue his music education and open an e-commerce site. Aiming to hear other rising rappers and artists, Rice hopes to work diligently, continue the hustle, and achieve all his goals and dreams.



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