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Rice & J_Muzique Are Playing For Keeps With Their New Release - 'No Brady'

Rice & J_Muzique's new release is a fun dance song that off his EP Riding with Blindfolds

(Webster, MA)

Rice and J_Muziqur are no strangers to collaborations, but they knocked it out the park with No Brady J_Muzique pop swagger just hits this track home with his lines like, “ Ummm Kay let me Know when your litty” and “I’m from the woo now I’m in The A coming with a whole new style and a whole new flavor ."

They deliver of both artist on this track is effortlessly.

Y"eah yeah yeah go crazy Yeah yeah I’m wavy Tryna touch me up Wanna taste me She gonna throw it back, No Brady No Brady No Brady"

About Rice

Entrepreneur and co-owner of Hustle Work Grind Records .music is Rice's passion, and it’s given him the confidence to do so much more for himself and others . Songwriting and growing the business and the brand is just a part of what they do -, charity, community, and family are at the core of their work and values . Memorable moments:

  • Organizing a peaceful protest in my small town that was controversial to acknowledge the death of George Floyd and getting over 700 people to show up.

  • Nominating as best Hiphop artist by Street Fame Magazine for 2021.

  • Won an award for best Hiphop performance video “Black Excellence No Brady Performance on Poze Radio.

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