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"Rice's World Version of 'Starz' Drops on WorldBeat Project EP Produced by Oliver Sean"

Discover the Latest WorldBeat EP featuring Rice, #1 on World Charts with Six Amazing Artists from Around the Globe FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Webster, Ma - Jerard Rice, the up-and-coming musician known as Rice, has released his latest single "Starz" as part of the WorldBeat Project EP produced by Oliver Sean. The EP features six amazing artists from around the world, including Rice, and has already reached #1 on the world charts.

According to Rice, "Starz" is one of his favorite songs and "it's an amazing and humbling experience to be included on an EP that has been so well received by fans." Rice's discography consists mainly of hip-hop, so venturing into another genre was an amazing feeling, especially since the meaning of this song has taken on so many different meanings with so many untimely losses in Rice's life recently. The lyrics "I can't afford to fade" and "Even in the dark let your light shine bright" encapsulate the inspiration behind the song.

"Starz" is inspired by the idea that we often idolize people we don't know when we're in a dark place, thinking they shine brighter than us. But without our admiration, those stars can never truly shine. It is only in our darkness that they shine the brightest. The song is a reflection on this and a call to never lose oneself and to let our light shine even in the darkest of times.

The WorldBeat Project EP was produced by Oliver Sean, WOA Records, Josh Shuback, The Wave Dweller, and another producer who works with Oliver Sean. The EP can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud, and on Rice's website, The music video for "Starz" can be found on YouTube at

Jerard Rice is a new and versatile addition to the music industry who wants his music to serve as a beacon of hope and an emblem of inspiration for all lost souls searching for guidance. Rice's musical passion was ignited by chance in his childhood by dabbling in talent shows and playing instruments in school, and this soon turned into a relentless need for musical production.

Rice's songs have been featured on indie network radio shows, Hip-hop Outfront TV, RHe RTN network, and the latest is WOA season 5 hosted by Oliver Sean. Rice is called a neo-artist because he loves combining real-life experience, whether it be his own or a lesson he learned from a movie, and depicting it from a different perspective. His music helps show the deep meaning of the mundane, and he has a deep-felt connection to social issues. Rice feels that his greatest accomplishment was organizing a protest for the Black Lives Matter movement in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Some of Rice's most notable musical hits include "Bet On It," "Big Dreams Rice," "Another One Like You," and his inclusion on Independent No. 1's Volume 12 Compilation Album produced by Oliver Sean, as well as the special WorldBeat Project produced by Oliver Sean. Rice wishes to spread goodwill, happiness, and love through his music while using the most universal language tool at his disposal: music.

For more information on Jerard Rice and his music, follow him on social media or visit his website at



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