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River Barons - The Ballad of Daniel Proud

Discover "The Ballad of Daniel Proud," A Feel-Good Barroom Cautionary Tale About Girls In Apartment Pools ( San Antonio, Texas )

About "The Ballad of Daniel Pond"

The Ballad of Daniel Proud, from the River Barons' 'Victims and Villians' EP is a feel-good barroom tale about why you don't go messing around with girls in apartment pools.

River Barons draw upon real-life experiences ( and the bad luck of drummer Daniel Proud) as an endless well of inspiration. If there's bad luck to be found, Daniel has uncovered i!. As you listen to the tune, enjoy the lyrics, musicianship and vocals... and keep an eye on your wallet.

"The River Barons hail from the wild west of San Antonio, where there are no set rules. The band’s music, an ode to South Texas, is fun, messy, unpretentious and wild, just like the region it represents. "

'Victims and Villains' explore the struggles of living life; "sometimes we're the victim, sometimes we're the villain." At the core of the EP is down-to-earth, true-to-life storytelling, tight in-the-pocket musicianship, and Texas-grown soulful vocals. River Barons deliver good time southern rock with a country twist that you won't soon forget..


About the River Barons

River Barons is an alt-country rock band from San Antonio, Texas playing "South Texas Rock." Their influences are rooted in rock, country and blues. Their songs are driven by real life experiences and the sounds of the many Texas legends who have come before them.

River Barons is a unique collection of eclectic musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. The band consists of Daniel Proud (drums), Genaro Ortiz (bass), Jeff Cox (steel guitar), Jordan "JP" Williams (guitar), and Gonzalo Gonzales (guitar/vocals).

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