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Runaway Sky - Arizona

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Runaway Sky - Arizona

"Arizona" by Runaway Sky is a poignant melodic song inspired by the bittersweet dynamics of romance entangled in the constraints of timing. Drawing from personal experiences, the song captures the essence of encountering someone who feels like the perfect match, yet circumstances dictate otherwise. With its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody, "Arizona" navigates the complexities of love and timing, resonating with listeners who have found themselves in similar heartfelt predicaments.

The song commences instrumentally with a folk-rock flavor on the guitar. Played by Simone Nicole, the guitar provides a warm, yet bright, backdrop for the song. The vocals sung in duo style by Runaway Sky, Simone Nicole and Taylor LaCourse, are immediately engaging and authentic. The song structure is very well done, with the memorable pre-chorus flowing right into the chorus seamlessly. The chorus itself is extremely catchy, showcasing the band's tight cohesion and strong songwriting sensibilities. The steel guitar played by Burton Lee with it's subtle, well-placed country leads adds a ton of character to the song. The bridge portion, where the band winds down, is a highlight, providing listeners with a change of pace before heading into the final chorus.

The song is extremely well produced by Timothy Allen. All the sections flow into each other very well, showcasing standout performances from the players and an overall mezmerizing quality to the soundscape. None of the elements fight each other, and there is room to breath, thanks to the expertise of Bradley Prakope's mix. Drew Harakal's organ, Timothy Allen's guitar, Ryan Stogner's bass, and Matt Mabe's drums all contribute to the song's sense of balance, space, and depth. The drums, in particular, strike the right blend of punchiness without overpowering the rest of the instrumentation or the vocals.

In conclusion, "Arizona" by Runaway Sky is a stand-out achievement, a very well-crafted song with excellent production, vocals, and instrumentation. Its cohesive blend of country-pop and heartfelt lyrics make it a hit track that will resonate with listeners, encapsulating themes of love, loss, and longing. “Didn't know you'd be leaving so soon, I’m not ready to be done with you.” Through its emotive verses and soul-stirring tunes, "Arizona" delves into the intricate maze of love and timing, striking a chord with those who have tasted the bitter sweetness of such encounters.


About Runaway Sky Simone Nicole and Taylor LaCourse, the duo behind Runaway Sky, embarked on their musical journey in the vibrant city of Fort Worth, Texas, where fate brought them together at a Hear Fort Worth Mixer in August 2021. What began as a serendipitous encounter soon transformed into a harmonious partnership fueled by a mutual passion for creativity and a shared love for music.

United by their songwriting prowess and magnetic stage presence, Simone and Taylor wasted no time introducing themselves to the DFW music scene in 2022. Drawing inspiration from the soulful depth of Sheryl Crow and the storytelling charm of Kacey Musgraves, they infused their own unique brand of girlish fun into their music, captivating audiences with their infectious energy and heartfelt performances.

Their rise to prominence was marked by a series of significant milestones, including coveted features on Good Morning Texas and electrifying performances at prestigious venues across the region. Along the way, they had the honor of sharing the stage with esteemed artists such as Alexz Johnson, Tim Lightyear, and Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad, further solidifying their place in the music community. For more information on Runaway Sky, please visit their website. Follow on Instagram

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