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Saint Brown Brings Us His New Song - "One Day"

One Day" is a song that depicts a tough moment in the life of Saint

(Washington DC)

Hailing from DC, Saint Brown turns real life scenarios into music with his relatable songs. The story reflects his hardships of growing up. With his latest release, "One Day", Saint brings us a unique perspective on the complexities of depression and growing up without a family. "My mother said I was nothing, but I gotta count for something. I mean I'm still here right? So I cant just be bluffin" Saint delivers his story with emotional lyrics and expressive tones. The song depicts hard inner city living and the struggles he faced in a way that other's can relate to. Saint's song is based on a true story of his teenage years and a difficult time in his life His songs serve as a cathartic platform, for himself and for others. Through music, Saint communicates not only his story, but his journey from surviving to thriving through music. "I also want others to know that they are not alone when or if they ever feel this way," says Saint.

"Your music made me realize I'm not alone in my struggles, thank you!" -England Fan

"One Day" was recorded at SoundKing Studios. Stream on Spotify. Connect on Facebook.



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