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Sam Least Debut Single -Post Master

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 1, 2018 - Atlanta, GA Influenced by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake while growing up in Florida, Samuel Florexil, A.K.A. Sam Least introduces his own sound to the world.

The Musik and Film A&R team describe Sam Least musically as "the perfect blend of past and present, beat and groove, soul and rock. It hops genres, splices musical genes and whilst it is easy to identify the overall building blocks that make up his music, what he builds with them are fresh and new. Poison comes on like a sultry soul anthem, but it also employs a heavy funk backbeat that often spills over into more rock and roll sounds."

Post Master is an analogy to let the listeners know that he will be bringing hits to their streaming platform. The bass line is the motor that drives the song allowing for space for the vocals to hit home. But when he chooses to fill this space all manner of cool guitar licks and rhythmic electronica add wonderful textures and additional musical motifs to the proceedings. Prince and Nile Rogers occasionally played but sadly never recorded together, had they done so it would probably have sounded a lot like Sam Least. Sam Least believes music is universal and so is his sound. Sam is working with Musik And Film to promote his new hit single Post Master worldwide.


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