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Samona Unveils Powerful New Single "Hey Destiny" - A Soulful Anthem of Triumph and Perseverance

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Elk Grove, CA - October 20, 2023

Indie music sensation Samona, hailing from Elk Grove, CA, has just released her latest single, "Hey Destiny." This soul-stirring track, co-written by Samona, Billy Smiley, and WRLDFMS Tony Williams, was brought to life in the heart of Nashville, TN, at the esteemed Sound Kitchen Studios. The song, produced by Billy Smiley and engineered/mixed by Jonathan Crone, emanates a soulful energy with a vibe of triumph, perseverance, and grit. "Hey Destiny" takes listeners on a musical journey inspired by a vision Samona had while in Nashville – a man trekking up a mountain, relentlessly pursuing a glimmering crown at the peak, symbolizing his destiny. The imagery birthed the powerful and evocative lyrics of the song.

"I got a glimpse, I can see your greatness, Destiny, God gave you to me, I want what's mine, fear and doubt get off me, eyes on the prize, I'm not letting go now!"

The single was released on October 20, 2023, and is now available on various platforms: Listen to Samona on Spotify Visit Samona's Official Website Credits:

  • Performance: Samona

  • Background: Samona and the WRLDFMS Tony Williams with three additional background singers

  • Producer: Billy Smiley

  • Songwriters: Samona, Billy Smiley, and WRLDFMS Tony Williams


About Samona: Samona, a multi-talented Contemporary Gospel vocalist and singer-songwriter, was born in Oakland, CA, and raised in Sacramento, CA. Drawing inspiration from her deep relationship with God and the adversities she has overcome, Samona's music serves as a powerful expression of her perspectives and stories. Her latest EP, "Encouraged To Inspire," reflects her overarching ambition to inspire through her art. Though drawing influences from old-school artists like Mississippi Mass Choir, Daryl Coley, John P. Kee, and Kirk Whalum, as well as Opera and Classical music, Samona is anything but old school, as she epitomizes the daring borderless creativity of the innovating new wave of musicians. Bio credit: Jacob Aiden For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact: Email:



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