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Scott Dawson Releases New Single - "Least Of My Worries"

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

"Least Of My Worries" is the lead off track from Scott's newly released fourth CD called "Strum".

(Cincinnati, Ohio)

"Strum" is Scott's fourth CD following Dedicated Man, Many Years From Now, and 80 Miles To Nashville. Singing daily since the onset of the pandemic, Scott has developed an international fan base who is eager to see him realize his dream of singing on the Grand Ole Opry.

Off the CD Strum, "Least of My Worries" is grounded in traditional country, the song tells the story of a man facing financial and physical ruin yet is most affected by the loss of his woman who has reached her limit with his self destructive behavior.

"My songs are for those who hold dear the traditional country roots of the Grand Ole Opry. Rich in twin fiddles, pedal steel guitar and tight harmonies." - Scott Dawson

About Scott Dawson Scott Dawson is a happily married father of three and a traditional country music singer/songwriter with aspirations of singing on the Grand Ole Opry.

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